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2002 IEEE/SEMI Advanced Manufacturing Conference and Workshop : Advancing the science of semiconductor manufacturing excellence : April 30-May 2, 2002, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. by Read online ebook PDF, PRC, DJVU, AZW

Publisher: Piscataway, N.J. : IEEE, ©2002.
ISBNISSN: 0780371585, 9780780371583
Notes: 430 pages : illustrations
Responsibility: 2002 IEEE/SEMI Advanced Manufacturing Conference and Workshop : Advancing the science of semiconductor manufacturing excellence : April 30-May 2, 2002, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Other titles: Advancing the science of semiconductor manufacturing excellence
ASMC 2002 proceedings
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Contents Section 1: Smart city and information technology application Research of mobile forest data collecting system based on public information platform in smart city; The road network evolution of Shenzhen - Dongguan - Huizhou urban agglomeration based on high-resolution remote sensing; The influence of smart city concept to visual communication design education; Error analysis of RTK data in highway survey; Detection of front-view vehicle locating method based on video sequence images; Identification of vehicle queue based on slider threshold search method; Smart transportation service based on social computing and SOA; The gray clustering decision of technical risk of large-scale complex construction engineering design; A new numerical method of internal wave propagation base on SAR; The line matching algorithm based on topology and geometry of points, lines, and planes; Analyzing crop field utilization based on a micro flight vehicle; The design of multi-scale integrated information service platform based on one map; Adaptive solving method of super-resolution model for SAR images; Parameter estimation of two-phase medium using wavelet multiscale method; Investigation of alcohol identification based on electronic olfactory system; A heterogeneous web service retrieval based on instance schema matching; A WSNs routing protocol based on clustering and improved ACO for the SDPM; A method of solving the Nash equilibrium automatically; The comparative study on the application effect in mining and environmental investigations between CBERS-02C and SPOT-5; Least squares image matching for oblique images based on non-fixed initial patch; An enumeration method to find a deadlock structure; 3D virtual campus of cloud computing collision detection technology research; An image stabilization algorithm based on image feature-point matching Section 2: Advanced RS/GIS technology Design and implementation of distribution routing optimization for warehousing logistics based on GIS; Smart education in smart city, assisted by WebGIS; River water system dynamic monitoring management based on RS and GIS; An improved SIFT matching algorithm for multi-source satellite images with multiple similar contents; Outliers detection of cross-link ranging measurements between navigation satellites based on apriori dynamics information; Application of airborne lidar in high precision surveying and mapping of tidal flats; Assessment of the effects of climate change on cultivation areas for Jatropha using GIS; New satellite image associative classification algorithm based on gabor texture; Satellite remote sensing assessment of ecological effects of artificial reefs in Daya Bay, China; An adaptive seamless model of 3D terrain based on multiresolution half-edges; Construction of a historical digital elevation model of tidal flats in Jiangsu coast using satellite data; Folded multisection quadrature hybrid for UWB applications using LTCC technology; Anonymous geocast for extending network lifetime in wireless sensor network; Smoothing assisted sequential importance resampling particle filter and its application; Development and application of information system in university student work; Accurate extraction of different land features' edge points; A new method on class-of-interest oriented spectral unmixing based on nonnegative matrix factorization; Sensor selection algorithm in based on AHP and fuzzy control; All-angle left-handed negative refraction in photonic crystals with honeycomb lattice formed by holographic lithography; Novel multipoint smart gas sensor networks based on hollow core photonic crystal fiber; Solving coefficient of acoustic wave equation by inverse scattering iterative method Section 3: Energy, environment and sustainable development Toward a sustainable city: building energy efficiency from kinetic facades; The ditch water flow rate of nitrogen and phosphorus nonpoint source pollutants intercepts effect analysis and research; The monitoring for early warning of accidental pollution events in water supply in Dongying, China; Effects of a distributed renewable energy system on the system imbalance of a three-phase four-wire distribution system; Evaluation of soil pollution of Mn and Ni by heavy metal in different functional zones of Fuzhou urban core; Review of studies on urban land intensive use; Assessing rural land consolidation based on ecosystem service: a case study of Qingyang in Western China; Application of multiple criteria decision making problem with AHP and rectilinear norm in MSW disposal proposals; Experimental study on use of solidified sediment to make planting concrete; Industry agglomeration and energy efficiency: evidence from China; Experiment on the feasibility of the filter cloth's purification for the initial roof rainwater; The sensitivity and change rate of the ecological service value of land use/cover change in Guiyang city; Qingyuan county "8.16" storm flood disaster investigation and analysis Section 4: Management engineering and technology Research review on domestic and overseas smart city; Enabling the smart city in China: an integrated framework; Research on soft environment construction of smart city; Recognizing activities with combined feature in smart environments; The analyses of time - space evolution on China's urban spatial expansion with the perspective of administrative divisions adjustment; A study of growth mechanism of new high-tech enterprise in start-up period based on the marketing force; Influence and coping strategies of brand expansion of international hotel groups in China; Empirical analysis on influential factors and countermeasures of Sino-US trade frictions; Environment accounting information disclosure by the listed companies in China: a case study of heavy polluting manufacturing industries from Shanghai securities exchange Translated from Spanish.
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