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A matter of hours : treason at Harper

Author: Paul R Teetor
Publisher: Rutherford [N.J.] : London : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press ; Associated University Presses, ©1982.
Genre: History
Notes: 1 online resource (309 pages) : illustrations
Responsibility: A matter of hours : treason at Harper's Ferry
Other titles: Treason at Harper's Ferry
Edition: eBook : Document : English
Twenty-one short stories, of which all but 4 are original to this anthology. Vol. 1. Year A. 1. Historical and literary background --
2. Writing and phonology --
3. Lexicon --
4. Nominals --
5. Verbs --
6. Adverbs --
7. Conjunctions --
8. Particles. Present state of husbandry in Scotland /[Andrew Wight]. Originally published: 1778 --
General view of the agriculture of the county of Ayr / by Col. Fullarton. Originally published: 1793. "With a note by David Toor"--Cover. Sinclair ZX Spectrum microcomputer systems. Graphic displays. Programs. - Manuals - For children (BNB/PRECIS). Designed for children ages three and up, offers sixty-eight exercises and games based on traditional yoga exercises to help improve flexibility and motor skills and develop confidence and awareness. "With a new introduction by the author"--Couv. Introduction --
The games --
Breathing exercises and games --
Yoga postures and movements --
Relaxation --
Sitting still: a meditative exercise --
Cooperation and trust games --
Lessons with a theme --
Some music suggestions --
The games according to age groups. Translated from the German by Lynne Nibbelink and Dr Benjamin D. Webb. Includes index. The animal within : the female of the species --
Indirect aggression among girls and teenagers --
Woman's sexism --
The mother-daughter relationship in fairy tale, myth, and Greek tragedy --
Some psychoanalytic views of the mother-daughter relationship --
The "good enough" mother and her persecution of the "good enough" daughter --
Sisters and the search for best friends --
Women in the workplace --
Women in groups --
Psychological ethics. For voice and ukulele with tablature, chord symbols, and chord diagrams.
Title of accompanying sound disc: Ukulele of Hawaii. Vol. 2. Introduction / Jeff VanderMeer --
The Library : 1. Virtual library / Zoran Zivkovic --
While wandering a vanished sea / James Bassett --
The fork / Jeffrey Thomas --
State secrets of aphasia / Stepan Chapman --
Up / James Sallis --
The Library : 2. Home library / Zoran Zivkovic --
A season with Doctor Black / Brendan Connell --
The Camus referendum / Michael Moorcock --
The vengeance of Rome / Michael Moorcock --
Phocas / Remy de Gourmont --
The Evenki / Eugene Dubnov --
The Library : 3. Night library / Zoran Zivkovic --
Kafka in Brontëland / Tamar Yellin --
The weight of words / Jeffrey Ford --The swan of Prudence Street / Scott Thomas --
Moonlight / Tamar Yellin --
The Library : 4. Infernal library / Zoran Zivkovic --
The progenitor / Brian Evenson --
The face of an angel / Brian Stableford --
Village of the mermaids / Lance Olsen --
The genius of assassins / Michael Cisco --
The Library : 5. Smallest library / Zoran Zivkovic --
The divided knight / Theophile Gautier --
The fool's tale / L. Timmel Duchamp --
The prince of mules / Carol Emshwiller --
Buz / Rikki Ducornet --
The Library : 6. Noble library / Zoran Zivkovic. PART I : Introductory questions and concepts. 1. How do we come to know truth? --
PART II : Interpreting God's word. 2. Hermeneutical principles I --
3. Hermeneutical principles II --
PART III : Interpreting God's world. 4. Principles of experimental design --
5. Principles of statistical analysis --
PART IV : Discovering fallacies in reasoning. 6. Logical fallacies I --
7. Logical fallacies II --
PART V : Concluding questions and concepts. 8. Is there a fourth way of gaining knowledge? --
9. Using what you have learned. When Benjamin Putt is trapped inside his horrendously messy desk, it takes the whole school to get him out again. INTRODUCTION Istvan Benedek BUILDUP AND CLASSIFICATION OF PRESSURE-SENSITIVE PRODUCTS Istvan Benedek PHYSICAL BASIS OF PSPs Istvan Benedek MOLECULAR FUNDAMENTALS OF PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESION Mikhail M. Feldstein CHEMICAL BASIS OF PSPs Istvan Benedek DEVELOPMENTS IN CROSSLINKING OF SOLVENT-BASED ACRYLICS Zbigniew Czech ADHESIVE PROPERTIES OF PSPs Istvan Benedek MANUFACTURE OF PRESSURE-SENSITIVE PRODUCTS Istvan Benedek MOLECULAR DESIGN OF HYDROPHILIC PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVES FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Mikhail M. Feldstein, Nicolai A. Plate' and Gary W. Cleary CONVERTING PROPERTIES OF PSPs Istvan Benedek END USES OF PRESSURE-SENSITIVE PRODUCTS Istvan Benedek ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS INDEX Volume 2. Traditional Hawaiian songs, intermediate. PaÌŠ omslaget: The Taoist way to mental and physical health OgsaÌŠ udgivet: Grand Rapids, Mich. : Abacus. Previously published by Thomas Nelson in 1993. On-call problems --
Laboratory diagnosis --
Procedures --
Fluids & electrolytes --
Blood component therapy --
Ventilator management --
Therapeutics. Fantasyland in revolt --
Wartime experiments --
Industrial films --
Columbia Pictures presents --
Modern art triumphant --
The red menace --
Mr. Magoo: blindness and insight --
Television and advertising --
An Arabian goodnight --
After the fall. Babymouse daydreams of being a rock star. Meanwhile, in her ordinary life, she enchants the audience at a student concert with her flute playing, but never gives up her dreams of stardom on the big stage. Twenty one short stories, all except 4 of which are original to this anthology. Includes index.
Large format edition. Indhold: Metamorphosis. --
Mad rush. --
Wichita vortex sutra "Flocabulary, hip-hop in the classroom." "5124809."
Includes [23] p. of updates. A multimedia vocabulary program that combines research with a standards-based curriculum and features high-interest music and exercises. Teaches 210 words.