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Advances in human vector control Read ebook in DJV, PRC, TXT, FB2

Author: J Marshall Clark; Jeffrey R Bloomquist; Hitoshi Kawada; American Chemical Society. Division of Agrochemicals; American Chemical Society; Nihon Nōyaku Gakkai
Publisher: Washington, DC : [New York] : American Chemical Society ; Distributed by Oxford University Press, ©2009.
ISBNISSN: 9780841269774, 0841269777
Genre: Aufsatzsammlung
Notes: viii, 241 pages, 4 pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 24 cm.
Responsibility: Advances in human vector control
Edition: Print book : English

Vector biology diagnostics and public health pesticides development through the product development partnership route / Janet Hemingway --
Pyrethroid resistance in the African malaria vector, Anopheles gambiae, and potential of alternative insecticides for indoor residual spraying and use on mosquito nets / Mark Rowland and Raphael N'Guessan --
Insecticide resistance in the mosquito Culex pipiens complex : concerns about development of pyrethroid resistance / Osamu Komagata, Shinji Kasai, and Takashi Tomita --
Vector control for prevention of dengue : current status and future strategies / Tessa B. Knox and Thomas W. Scott --
Current status and challenges of Chagas disease control initiatives in the Americas / Jun Nakagawa --
Human head lice : status, control, and resistance / J. Marshall Clark ... et al. --
ABC's of indoor health : allergens, baits, and cockroach mitigation strategies / Coby Schal --
Current status of house dust mites in Japan and prospects for control agents / Tomoyuki Hashimoto. Controlling dengue virus transmission in the field with genetically modified mosquitoes / Ken E. Olson and Alexander W.E. Franz --
Pharmacological mapping of the acetylcholinesterase catalytic gorge in mosquitoes with bis(n)-tacrines / Troy D. Anderson ... et al. --
Olyset net : a long lasting insecticidal net for vector control / Takaaki Itoh [and others] --
Biological efficacy of metofluthrin, a new pyrethroid insecticide, highly effective against mosquitoes / Takao Ishiwatari ... et al. --
An inconvenient truth of pyrethroids-do they have a promising future? / Hitoshi Kawada --
The body louse, Pediculus humanus humanus (Phthiraptera : Pediculidae), genome project : past, present, and opportunities for the futures / Barry R. Pittendrigh ... et al. --
Resistance management of the human head louse using molecular tools / Si Hyeock Lee ... et al. --
Monitoring of kdr-mediated pyrethroid resistance in head louse colonies in Japan / Shinji Kasai ... et al.

Voronezh, Stalingrad or the black gold? --
Order 227 --
Backs to the Volga --
Adapting to circumstances --
Hell's factories --
Retribution --
Rendezvous at Kalach --
Defeat on the Myshkova River --
Victory on the Volga. "The Soviet victory over the Germans at Stalingrad was decisive for the war on the Eastern Front and for the Second World War as a whole, and the story of the long, bitter battle on the banks of the Volga has fascinated historians ever since. While it has been the subject of countless histories, memoirs, and eyewitness accounts, the gruelling reality of battle on the ground, in the shattered streets and buildings of the city, has rarely been recorded photographically ... Nik Cornish's selection of ... images ... document every aspect of the fighting and give us glimpses of the lives and deaths of soldiers on both sides"--Page 4 of cover. Cover title. The people side of business --
Identifying your critical relationships --
The relationship ecosystem- the big picture --
The heart of the model --
The ally mindset --
Ally relationships --
Supporter relationships --
Rival relationships --
Adversary relationships --
Emotional, intelligent, or both? --
Generations at work --
Why relationships turn sour --
Speaking up: four strategies --
Your conversational plan --
Your most important ally --
Questions and conversation starters. First ed. published in 1861 under the title: A course of six lectures on the chemical history of a candle. This ed. originally published: New York: Cromwell, 1957.
Includes index. This is the green book for Middle Americans who'd like to be shown why and how "going green" makes economic sense. With simple tips, a friendly voice, and step-by-step practical information, the book offers smart consumer choices that benefit health, pocketbook, and the environment. A gift book, its pages have high visual interest, with sidebars, "in a nutshell" factoids, action items, and buyer's guides. Appendices include product source lists, green lifestyle websites, and a science and environment section for 101-style background information. Index. Basic training --
Snack & chat --
Pressed & starched --
Along the Malecón --
Three amigos --
Pots & pans --
Dim sum & a little rum --
All aboard! --
Azucar (sugar) --
With a twist --
The Cuban pantry. Nasl. na ov. in hrbtu knj.: Mary Queen of Scots.
Avtor naveden v kolofonu. Printed in reverse sequence.
Translated from the Japanese. Nasl. na hrbtu: Green eggs and ham & other stories.
Pravo avtorjevo ime je Theodor Seuss Geisel. Too many daves --
The big brag --
What was I scared of? "Report for presentation to Dáil Éireann pursuant to Section 11 of the Comptroller and Auditor General (Amendment) Act, 1993 (no.8 of 1993)"--Cover. Includes index
"A Quarto book." A collection of over 300 metal patination recipes, application instructions, and full-sized samples for anyone working in metals, including jewelers, sculptors, and metal artisans Includes index. Full Year 2007.
Includes index.
Cover title.
The monthly magazine for the year of 2007. Foreword / Philippe de Montebello and Irene Bizot --
Introduction / Gary Tinterow and Henri Loyrette --
I. The Salon of 1859 / Henri Loyrette --
II. History Painting / Henri Loyrette --
III. The Realist Landscape / Gary Tinterow --
IV. The Nude / Henri Loyrette --
V. Figures in a Landscape / Gary Tinterow --
VI. Still Life / Henri Loyrette --
VII. Portraits and Figures / Henri Loyrette --
VIII. The Impressionist Landscape / Gary Tinterow --
IX. Modern Life / Henri Loyrette --
Chronology of Works in the Catalogue --
Chronology 1859-70 --
Catalogue. Paul Baudry, cat. 1. Frederic Bazille, cats. 2-15. Francois Bonvin, cat. 16. Eugene Boudin, cats. 17, 18. William Bouguereau, cat. 19. Jules Breton, cat. 20. Carolus-Duran, cat. 21. Paul Cezanne, cats. 22-34. Camille Corot, cats. 35-37. Gustave Courbet, cats. 38-47. Charles-Francois Daubigny, cats. 48-50. Edgar Degas, cats. 51-68. Eugene Delacroix, cat. 69. Henri Fantin-Latour, cats. 70-74. Hippolyte Flandrin, cat. 75. Eugene Fromentin, cat. 76. Jean-Leon Gerome, cat. 77. Eva Gonzales, cat. 78. Ernest Hebert, cat. 79. Johann Barthold Jongkind, cats. 80, 81. Alphonse Legros, cat. 82. Edouard Manet, cats. 83-112. Jean-Francois Millet, cat. 113. Claude Monet, cats. 114-51. Gustave Moreau, cat. 152. Berthe Morisot, cat. 153. Camille Pissarro, cats. 154-65. Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, cats. 166, 167. Auguste Renoir, cats. 168-81. Gustave Ricard, cat. 182. Theodore Rousseau, cats. 183, 184. Alfred Sisley, cats. 185-88. James Tissot, cat. 189. Constant Troyon, cat. 190. James McNeill Whistler, cats. 191-93. This handsome publication, which accompanies a major exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a lively and engaging account of the artistic scene in Paris in the 1860s, the years that witnessed the beginnings of Impressionism. For the first time the interactions and relationships among the group of painters who became known as the Impressionists are examined without the overworn art historical polarities commonly evoked: academic versus avant-garde, classicist versus romantic, realist versus impressionist. A host of strong personalities contributed to this history, and their style evolved into a new way of looking at the world. These artists wanted above all to give an impression of truth and to have an impact on or even to shock the public. And they wanted to measure up to or surpass their elders. This complex and rich environment is presented here - the grand old men and the young turks encounter each other, the Salon pontificates, and the new generation moves fitfully ahead, benignly but always with determination. Origins of Impressionism gives a day-by-day, year-by-year study of the genesis of an epoch-making style. Bibliographies and provenances are provided for each of the almost two hundred works in the exhibition, and there is an illustrated chronology. With more than two hundred superb colorplates, this informative survey is an essential work for both the general reader and the scholar. "Although this book is a work of fiction, it is based entirely on facts gathered from a number of sites and integrated into the fictional plant depicted in this story."--Disclaimer, p. xvii. "James Emery is struggling to balance his various roles as husband, father, and plant manager for Modern Products Manufacturing. When an accident occurs at the plant, leaving people seriously injured, James feels responsible. The accident is the impetus to drastic changes in both James' personal life and his career. In his relentless pursuit to create lasting change he faces a long road of mistakes and missteps while facing opposition from his subordinates and pressure from his superiors. James gathers allies by building a shadow network of employees who support his plans. In his struggles to create a safe place for employees to work while satisfying his superiors with improved performance, he begins his journey to the Precision Domain. Join James as he embarks on a journey of lasting Heroic Change."--MRO-Zone website, viewed 15 February 2010.