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Developments in pressure-sensitive products by Istvan Benedek Download book in MOBI, DJVU, DJV

Author: Istvan Benedek
Publisher: Boca Raton, FL : Taylor & Francis, 2006.
ISBNISSN: 1574445421, 9781574445428
Notes: 630 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Responsibility: Developments in pressure-sensitive products
Edition: Print book : English : 2nd ed

Ch. 1. Introduction / Istvan Benedek --
Ch. 2. Buildup and classification of pressure-sensitive products / Istvan Benedek --
Ch. 3. Physical basis of pressure-sensitive products / Istvan Benedek --
Ch. 4. Molecular fundamentals of pressure-sensitive adhesion / Mikhail M. Feldstein --
Ch. 5. Chemical basis of pressure-sensitive products / Istvan Benedek --
Ch. 6. Developments in crosslinking of solvent-based acrylics / Zbigniew Czech --
Ch. 7. Adhesive properties of pressure-sensitive products / Istvan Benedek --
Ch. 8. Manufacture of pressure-sensitive products / Istvan Benedek.

Previously published: Twin Lights Publishing, 1994. Evolution : a philosophy, not a science --
The creation and evolution models --
Geologic time and the geologic column --
The fossil record : from microorganisms to fish --
The fossil record : from fish to mammals --
The origin of man --
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Part I: Heaven --
Chapter 1: It Was an Accident--Or Was It? --
Chapter 2: My Journey through Heaven --
Part II: The 8 Health Revelations from Heaven --
Chapter 3: The Revelation of Connection --
Chapter 4: The Revelation of Faithfulness --
Chapter 5: The Revelation of Vital Force --
Chapter 6: The Revelation of Grounding --
Chapter 7: The Revelation of the Body Temple --
Chapter 8: The Revelation of Positivity --
Chapter 9: The Revelation of Self-Love --
Chapter 10: The Revelation of Purpose --
Chapter 11: The Greatest Moment --
Part III: Transformed --
Chapter 12: Back Down to Earth --
Chapter 13: Recovering --
Chapter 14: The Fall --
Chapter 15: Life as the New Tommy --
Afterword: Heaven and Earth Truths --
Ways to Increase Your Vibration --
Acknowledgments --
Bibliography --
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Values and the quality of daily of life --
World views and consciousness shifts --
Why people's values differ --
How your consciousness develops from the future --
How you develop values: the skills connection --
Phases, stages and cycles of development --
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The later cycles of development --
Transforming organizational culture --
Values and the knowledge explosion: the future calling.