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Author: William F Edmiston; Annie Duménil
Publisher: Princeton, N.J. : Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, 2009.
Genre: Readers
Notes: 1 audio disc : digital, mono ; 4 3/4 in.
Responsibility: La France contemporaine
Literaturangaben. 1 Berry Phase and Dissipation of Topological Singularities.- 2 Normal Mode Spectra of Multi-Skyrmions.- 3 Standard-Model Dirac Particles Trapped in Flat (Noncompact) Higher Dimensions.- 4 Planar QED in Magnetic or Electric Solitonic Backgrounds.- 5 Collective Coordinates and Inequivalent Coset Space Quantizations.- 6 Spatial Solitons of the Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation of Arbitrary Nonlinearity with a Potential Hill.- 7 Hairs on the Unicorn: Fine Structure of Monopoles and Other Solitons.- 8 A Model for Partially Polarized Quantum Hall States.- 9 Ordering Dynamics of Topological Defect Networks.- 10 Gauge Theory Description of Spin Chains and Ladders.- 11 Soliton Solutions of the Integrable Chiral Model in (2+1) Dimensions.- 12 String Winding Modes From Charge Nonconservation in Compact Chern-Simons Theory.- 13 Holes in the Charge Density of Topological Solitons.- 14 From Two-dimensional Black Holes to sine-Gordon Solitons.- 15 Solitons and Exciton Superfluidity.- 16 Quantum Effects on Higgs Winding Configurations.- 17 Solitons and Their Moduli Spaces.- 18 Deformed Skyrmions.- 19 The Large-Nc Renormalization Group.- 20 Instantons in Nonirreducible Representations of the Lorentz Group.- 21 Fermion Vacuum Effects on Soliton Stability.- 22 Soliton Solutions of the ?-Model and Disoriented Chiral Condensates.- 23 Dynamics of Topological Magnetic Solitons.- 24 Fun with Baby-Skyrmions.- 25 Skyrmions and Domain Walls.- 26 Fun with Electroweak Solitons.- 27 Neutral and Charged Spin Excitations in the Quantum Hall Ferromagnet.- 28 Quantum Corrections to Monopoles.- 29 Nonabelian Dyons.- 30 Electroweak Baryon Properties in Soliton Models.- 31 Solitons, Duality, and Supersymmetric Gauge Theories.- 32 Solitonic Strings and Knots.- 33 Toward a String Formulation of Vortex Dynamics.- 34 Domain Walls in a Chern-Simons Theory.- 35 Microphysics of Gauge Vortices and Baryogenesis.- 36 On a Dual Standard Model.- 37 From Skyrmions to the Nucleon-Nucleon Potential.- 38 Two-dimensional Solitons at Finite Temperature.- 39 Nontopological Structures in the Baby-Skyrme Model. 1: The tropical rainforest ecosystem2: Rainforest use: Wisdom, folly, ambivalence3: Sustainable forestry in rainforests4: Principles and strategies of sustainability5: Sarawak forestry: Tortuous road towards sustainability6: Naturalistic natural rainforest management in Sarawak7: Restoration of degraded ecosystems8: Short-rotation tree plantations9: Forest management guidelines10: Timber certification, trademarking and monitoring11: Failures, major obstacles, trends and needs12: Index13: Appendix 1 Glossary Translation of: Die Zukunft einer Illusion.
Facsimile reprint. Originally published: New York : Liveright Pub., 1928 with the series: International psycho-analytical library edited by Ernest Jones. Oorspr. uitg.: New York : Random House, 1967. 1.Innovation at the heart of the economy --
The decisive competitive weapon --
The collective entrepreneur: increased innovative power --
Racing ahead and temporary monopolies --
The entrepreneurial chain and corporate culture --
2.Innovation, fairness and the common good --
Woe to the vanquished: creative destruction --
Prometheus or the ambiguity of economic and technical creativity --
Power over the future in an ethical and political vacuum --
3.Responsible innovation --
The entrepreneurial imperative --
Turning creativity into progress --
A more societal focus of creative capacity --
Ethics, politics and the techno-sciences.