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Author: Kathryn Reiss; Sergio Giovine
Publisher: Middleton, WI : American Girl, ©2011.
ISBNISSN: 1593697554, 9781593697556, 1593697562, 9781593697563, 1448756669, 9781448756667
Genre: Detective and mystery fiction, Fiction, Juvenile works, Mystery fiction, Detective and mystery stories, Mystery and detective stories, Juvenile fiction
Notes: 161 pages : color illustrations ; 18 cm.
Responsibility: The silver guitar : a Julie mystery
Edition: Print book : Elementary and junior high school : Fiction : English
Target audience: Ages 9 and up.
Includes index. Award-winning author Carolyn Coman has made a career out of writing stories for children and young adults as well as teaching writing to people of all ages. She believes that the essence of good writing, no matter the genre, is the ability to craft a solid story. In this innovative book, Carolyn provides advice, strategies, and inspiration focusing on the key elements of stories: character development, plot, voice and dialogue, point of view, and place and time. Carolyn confesses her own struggles with writing and helps make the writing process less intimidating for students and teachers alike. "I am speaking directly to you--the writing teacher who writes, or who wants to write, or is tiptoeing toward writing scared to death. Everything in this book about writing is for you, too--every tip and exercise and encouragement." This book draws on classroom experiences and faculty suggestions in providing a practical guide to teaching strategies to encourage active learning in the college classroom. A wide range of teaching tools which ask students to apply what they are learning are considered, including problem-solving exercises, cooperative student projects, informal group work, simulations, case studies, and role playing. Additionally, the book discusses how various small-group exercises, simulations, and case studies can be blended with the technological and human resources available outside the classroom. The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 surveys the general subject of active learning and why it makes sense as a teaching strategy. Part 2 considers four major active-learning teaching strategies in more depth: informal small groups, cooperative student projects, simulations, and case studies. Part 3 explores how reading assignments, outside resource persons, and electronic media can be successfully integrated with active-learning strategies in the classroom. Contains approximately 150 references and an index. (GLR) Vol. 1. A-C --
v. 2. D-H --
v. 3. I-N --
v. 4. O-Z. Supplement --
v. 5. A-Z. Comprehensive reference work covering 400 years of the history, faith, life, culture of Anabaptism-Mennonitism. Originally published by Longmans, Green in 1922.
Includes index. Introduction / Sir Francis Younghusband --
The Narrative of the expedition / Leut.-Col. C.K. Howard-Bury --
The reconnaissance of the mountain / George H. Leigh-Mallory --
Natural history --
A.F.R. Wollaston --
An appreciation of the reconnaissance / Normal Collie --
Appendices. Originally published: San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass Publishers, ©1994. 1st ed. Major crises and big family changes: Adoption; Alcoholic parent; Death of a loved one; Death of a pet; Dentist or medical doctor visit; Disasters, accidents and natural catastrophes; Divorce; Dying child; First day of school; Hospital stay; Mental health professional; Moving to a new home; New baby in the family; Remarriage and stepparenting; Repeating a grade; Sleep-away camp --
Concerns of youth: Death; Drug abuse; HIV/AIDS; Homosexuality; Money and work; Pornography; Prejudice; Puberty; Risk taking and failure; Santa Claus; Sex and reproduction; Sex play and masturbation; Sexual abuse; Strangers; Television and media violence; War. This five-part manual, intended to increase the integrity and support the longevity of school facilities, provides easy-to-use preventive maintenance (PM) system guidelines. Part 1 outlines the special considerations of school maintenance as compared to other facilities. Part 2 establishes the basic components of a PM program and provides Work Order forms to document maintenance tasks. Part 3 provides PM budgeting guidelines and suggestions for funding maintenance work that is not covered by the in-place budget. Part 4 offers guidance on how to estimate the costs of maintenance and repair tasks. This section includes sample estimates from Means Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data, including labor-hour, equipment, and material costs. Part 5 contains checklists for carrying out PM tasks. The checklists break PM procedures down into recommended inspection intervals: biweekly; monthly; semiannual; annual; and every 5 years. The checklists also include detailed information about which features require close inspection and PM. The appendix contains technical reference data helpful in planning and performing PM tasks, including useful resources to contact for facility and school-related information, publications, and products. (GR)