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Publisher: [S.l.] : RYLAND, PETERS & SMALL, 2017.
ISBNISSN: 1849758980, 9781849758987
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Edition: Print book : English
Contents Preface Chapter 1: Episteme (knowledge) Chapter 2: Phronesis (practical reasoning) Chapter 3: Praxis (productive action) Chapter 4: Paideia (education) Chapter 5: Parhessia (free speech) Chapter 6: Techne (art, craft, skill or expertise) Chapter 7: Dialogos (deliberative engagement) Chapter 8: Philia (love or friendship) Chapter 9: Kosmopolites (cosmopolitanism) Chapter 10: Dinamis (potentiality) Postscript: The migrant predicament as 'denudated' challenge to philosophy of education: Towards a notion of 'spiritual' justice - an instance of rhythmic action References About the Authors Originally published 2010 by M.E. Sharpe. ""Cover""; ""Half Title""; ""Title""; ""Copyright""; ""Contents""; ""Topic Finder""; ""Contributors""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Preface""; ""Essays""; ""History: 1492-1900""; ""History: 1900-1965""; ""History: 1965-Present""; ""Aâ€?Z Entries""; ""Acculturation and Assimilation""; ""Acosta, Oscar""; ""AcuÃ"a, Rodolfo""; ""Afro-Latinos""; ""Afro-Mexicans""; ""AIDS/HIV""; ""Alamo, Battle of the""; ""Albizu Campos, Pedro""; ""AlgarÃn, Miguel""; ""Alvarez, Julia""; ""American GI Forum""; ""Anaya, Rudolfo Alfonso""; ""AnzaldÃða, Gloria""; ""Arenas, Reinaldo""; ""Argentines""; ""ASPIRA""; ""Aztlán"" ""Baca, Judith F.""""Balseros""; ""Baseball""; ""Basketball""; ""Bay of Pigs Invasion""; ""Bear Flag Revolt""; ""Bilingualism""; ""Blair House Attack""; ""Blowouts""; ""Bolivians""; ""Boricua""; ""Boxing""; ""Bracero Program""; ""Brazilians""; ""Brothers to the Rescue""; ""Brown Berets""; ""Carnalismo""; ""Castellanos, Rosario""; ""Castillo, Ana""; ""Castro, Fidel""; ""Central American Resource Center""; ""Chávez, César""; ""Chávez Ravine""; ""Chicago""; ""Chicanisma""; ""Chicanismo""; ""Chicano/a""; ""Chicano Art""; ""Chicano Movement""; ""Chicano Studies""; ""Chileans""; ""Cholos"" ""Cinco de Mayo""""Circular Migration""; ""Cisneros, Henry""; ""Cisneros, Sandra""; ""Clemente, Roberto""; ""Cofer, Judith Ortiz""; ""Colombians""; ""Communist Party""; ""Community Service Organization""; ""Congressional Hispanic Caucus""; ""Conquest of the Americas""; ""Consumerism""; ""Corona, Bert""; ""Corridos""; ""Costa Ricans""; ""Coyotes""; ""Cruz, Celia""; ""Crystal City, Texas""; ""Cuban Adjustment Acts (1966, 1996)""; ""Cuban American National Foundation""; ""Cuban Refugee Center""; ""Cuban Refugee Program""; ""Cubans""; ""Culture Clash""; ""De La Hoya, Oscar"" ""Del Rio Independent School District v. Salvatierra (1930)""""DÃa de la Raza""; ""DÃa de los Muertos""; ""Dominican Day Parade""; ""Dominicans""; ""East L.A. Thirteen""; ""East Los Angeles""; ""Ecuadorians""; ""Education""; ""Escalante, Jaime""; ""Estefan, Gloria""; ""Family and Community""; ""Farah Strike""; ""Farmingville, New York""; ""Feminism""; ""Ferrer, José""; ""Film""; ""Flores Magón, Ricardo""; ""Foods and Beverages""; ""Foraker Act (1900)""; ""Foreign Miners' Tax (1850) ""; ""Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN) ""; ""Galarza, Ernesto""; ""Gamio, Manuel""; ""Gangs"" ""Garcia, Cristina""""GarcÃa, Héctor P.""; ""Gay and Lesbian Organizations""; ""Gonzales, Rodolfo ""Corky"" ""; ""González, Elián""; ""Gonzalez, Henry Barbosa""; ""Gonzalez, Jose-Luis""; ""Graffiti""; ""Grape Strikes and Boycotts""; """"Greaser Act"" (1855) ""; ""Gringo""; ""Grito, El""; ""Guagua Aérea""; ""Guatemalans""; ""Guevara, Ernesto ""Che"" ""; ""Gutiérrez, José Angel""; ""Health and Health Care""; ""Hijuelos, Oscar""; ""Hip-Hop""; ""Hispanic Heritage Month""; ""Hondurans""; ""Housing and Living Conditions""; ""Huerta, Dolores""; ""Identity and Labels""; ""Illegal Immigration"" "Prepared for the Department of Homeland Security"--Title page.
Companion summary document to: RAND program evaluation toolkit for countering violent extremism (TL-243-DHS). Introduction and Overview --
Development of the CVE Program Evaluation Toolkit --
Pilot Testing the Toolkit --
Conclusion "Countering violent extremism (CVE) requires addressing the conditions and reducing the underlying factors that give rise to radicalization and recruitment. Evaluations are critical for assessing the impact of community-based CVE programs and informing decisions about how to allocate often-scarce resources. Choosing the most rigorous evaluation approach a program can sustain will provide its staff and funders with the most accurate view possible of whether the program is achieving its goals or whether efforts should be continued, scaled up, or discontinued. The RAND Program Evaluation Toolkit for Countering Violent Extremism was designed to help CVE program staff overcome common challenges to evaluating and planning improvements to their programs. This report summarizes the complementary methods used to develop the toolkit: a review of the evaluation literature on CVE programs; the development of a taxonomy of general types of CVE programs, their activities, and their target audiences; and interviews with CVE program managers to identify data collection practices and challenges to evaluation. This was followed by a pilot test of the draft toolkit with a subset of CVE program managers. Feedback from this pilot test informed revisions to the toolkit to ensure that it would serve as a helpful resource for CVE programs in evaluating their activities, informing resource allocations and program improvements, and ultimately reducing the risk of violent extremism in their communities."--Publisher's description.