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Expectation : the very brief therapy book by Rubin Battino Read book EPUB, FB2, TXT, AZW

Author: Rubin Battino
Publisher: Princeton, N.J. : Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, 2007.
Notes: 1 audio disc : digital mono ; 4 3/4 in.
Responsibility: Expectation : the very brief therapy book
Originally published: Carmarthen, Wales ; Norwalk, CT : Crown House Pub., ©2006.
Long days journey into light / S.D. Miller --
Introduction to very brief therapy --
Expectation and as-if --
Rapport --
Language for very brief therapy --
Hypnosis and very brief therapy --
Solution-oriented approaches --
Bill O'Hanlon's approaches --
Lucas Derk's social panorama --
Erickson and very brief therapy --
Jay Haley and ordeal therapy --Ambiguous function assignments --
Burns's nature-guided therapy --
Metaphoric approaches --
Rossi's rapid methods --
NLP approaches --
Narrative therapy --
Rituals and ceremonies --
When all else fails --
Brief final thoughts.

Title of booklets: High-performance teamwork / by Larry Meeker, Steve Fischer, Beth Michalak. Includes index. "First published 1973 in Life in the Spirit, volume 6 of the Ephesians series by D.M. Lloyd-Jones"--Title page verso. SOUND 3477. Hearing Is Believing: The Cracks Between Our Worldviews --
Human Family Affairs: People Words --
You Are What You Say: Words of Power --
Dance of the Sexes: Men, Women, and the Words Between Them --
The Eye of the Beholder: Conceptions of Beauty --
Serious Business: Words About Work and Money --
States of Mind: Words, Thoughts, and Beyond --
Life Is But a Dream: The Jargon of Mental Technologists --
Spiritual Pathwords: The Map, the Territory, and the Mystery --
The Body Politic: Words and Social Action --
Toolwords: Technology and Worldviews --
Strange Memes: Language Viruses --
Afterword: Do You Know an Untranslatable Word? " ... more than forty familiar and obscure languages to discover genuinely useful (rather than simply odd) words that can open up new ways of understanding and experiencing life"--Page 4 of cover. Date is p2008 on CD.
"CD#63011908"--CD label.
"For technical support, please email"--Page 2 of cover. pt. I. Pre-Independent Georgia. 1. Why Georgia? 2. Before the Caucasus. 3. The mountains of poetry. 4. Kazbegi. 5. The mountain. 6. Kazbegi to Tbilisi. 7. Tbilisi. 8. Mtskheta. 9. Gori. 10. Vardzia. 11. Kakheti. 12. Svaneti. 13. Sukhumi --
pt. II. Independent Georgia. 14. The eve of independence. 15. The young shoots of war. 16. Batumi. 17. Khevsureti. 18. Georgia's war: a return to Sukhumi. 19. A religious revival. 20. Kutaisi. 21. New Georgia. App. Oil, water & Mensheviks --
Political chronology of Georgia since 1900. They had argued over dinner and Nick walked off in a huff. Alethea tried not to panic when the cheque arrived, knowing she had nothing more than a few coins in her handbag. Suddenly the man she had seen staring at her was at her side, pretending to be a long-lost friend, paying the bill. Alethea appreciated his gesture and the others that followed. But when Dr Sarre van Diederijk asks her to marry him and become a mother to his children, she is a little unsure. And only when she gets to Holland does she realise the enormity of her task. Chapter 1: Understanding Personal Computers 2Types of Computers 3Getting to Know Desktop PCs 4Getting to Know All-in-One PCs 5Getting to Know Notebook PCs 6Getting to Know Tablet PCs 7Connectors 8Hard Disk Drives: Long-Term Storage 9Keyboards 10Touchpads 11Memory Card Readers 12CD and DVD Drives 13Computer Screens 14Printers 15Chapter 2: Setting Up Your PC 16Desktop Computer System 17Setting Up a Notebook PC 18Setting Up an All-in-One Desktop PC 19Setting Up a Traditional Desktop PC 20Powering On 23Logging On to Windows 24Shutting Down 25Chapter 3: Connecting Peripherals and Other Devices 26USB Connector 27Connecting Devices via USB 28Connecting a Printer 29Connecting Your PC to Your TV 32Chapter 4: Setting Up a Wireless Home Network 34Understanding How Wireless Networks Work 35Setting Up Your Network's Main PC 36Connecting Additional PCs to Your Wireless Network 38Adding Your Computer to a Homegroup 41Accessing Other Computers in Your Homegroup 44Accessing Other Computers on Your Network 45Chapter 5: Using Microsoft Windows 10 46Exploring the Windows 10 Desktop 47Using the Mouse 48Using the Windows Start Menu 50Opening a Program 52Using the Taskbar 53Scrolling a Window 54Maximizing, Minimizing, and Closing a Window 55Switching Between Open Windows 56Using Windows in Tablet Mode 58Using Windows with a Touchscreen Display 60Chapter 6: Personalizing Windows 62Settings Window 63Customizing the Start Menu 64Changing the Desktop Background 66Changing the Accent Color 68Customizing the Lock Screen Picture 70Adding Apps to the Lock Screen 72Changing Your Profile Picture 74Setting Up Additional Users 76Switching Between Users 79Configuring Windows Settings 80Chapter 7: Working with Software Applications 82Parts of a Window 83Opening an Application 84Pinning a Program to the Start Menu 85Pinning a Program to the Taskbar 86Creating a Desktop Shortcut 87Searching for Apps 88Using Universal Windows Apps 89Using Context Menus 90Using Pull-Down Menus 91Using Toolbars 92Using Ribbons 93Using Windows 10's Built-In Apps 94Finding New Apps in the Windows Store 98Chapter 8: Using Microsoft Word 100Comparing Desktop and Web Versions of Word 101Launching Word Online 102Launching the Word Desktop App 104Navigating Word Online 105Entering Text 106Cutting/Copying and Pasting Text 107Formatting Text 108Formatting Paragraphs 109Saving Your Work 110Printing a Document 111Chapter 9: Working with Files and Folders 112File Explorer 113Launching File Explorer 114Exploring the Ribbon 115Navigating with the Navigation Pane 116Working with Folders 119Changing the Way Files Are Displayed 120Sorting Files and Folders 121Creating a New Folder 122Renaming a File or Folder 123Copying a File or Folder 124Moving a File or Folder 125Searching for a File 126Deleting a File or Folder 127Restoring Deleted Files 128Emptying the Recycle Bin 129Compressing a File 130Extracting Files from a Compressed Folder 131Working with Files on OneDrive 132Chapter 10: Using the Internet 134Microsoft Edge 135Connecting to an Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot 136Web Browsing with Microsoft Edge 138Saving Favorite Pages 140Returning to a Favorite Page 141Opening Multiple Pages in Tabs 142Searching the Web with Google 143Smart Searching with Cortana 144Shopping Online 146Buying Items on Craigslist 148Selling Items on Craigslist 150Chapter 11: Communicating with Email 152Windows Mail App 153Viewing Your Inbox and Reading Messages 154Moving a Message to Another Folder 156Replying to an Email Message 157Composing a New Email Message 158Adding Other Accounts to the Mail App 160Managing Your Contacts from the People App 162Reading Web-Based Email with Gmail 164Replying to a Gmail Message 165Composing a New Gmail Message 166Sending a File via Gmail 167Chapter 12: Sharing with Facebook and Other Social Networks 168Comparing Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter 169Finding Facebook Friends 170Reading the News Feed 172Posting a Status Update 174Viewing a Friend's Timeline 176Personalizing Your Timeline Page 177Viewing a Friend's Photos 178Sharing Your Photos on Facebook 180Sharing Interesting Images with Pinterest 182Finding People to Follow on Pinterest 183Finding and Repinning Interesting Pins 184Pinning from a Web Page 186Tweeting with Twitter 188Following Other Twitter Users 189Chapter 13: Watching TV and Movies Online 190Playing Movies with the Windows Movies and TV App 191Watching Movies on Netflix 192Watching TV Shows on Hulu 196Watching Videos on YouTube 200Purchasing and Downloading Movies and TV Shows from the iTunes Store 202Watching Videos with iTunes 204Watching Digital Videos with the Movies and TV App 206Chapter 14: Playing Digital Music 208Comparing Streaming Music Services 209Streaming Music Online with Spotify 210Streaming Music Online with Pandora 212Downloading Music from the iTunes Store 214Playing Digital Music with iTunes 216Playing a CD with iTunes 218Purchasing Music from the Groove Music App 219Playing Digital Music with the Groove Music App 220Chapter 15: Viewing and Editing Digital Photos 222Viewing a Picture with the Photos App 223Transferring Pictures via USB 224Transferring Pictures from a Memory Card 225Viewing Your Photos in Windows 226Editing Your Photos with the Photos App 228Chapter 16: Protecting Your Computer 232Windows Action Center 233Using the Windows Action Center 234Defending Against Malware with Windows Defender 235Deleting Unnecessary Files 236Deleting Unused Programs 237Backing Up Your Files 238Restoring Your Computer After a Crash 240Glossary 242Index 248 Submissive children --
Unbelieving parents --
Discipline and the modern mind --
Balanced discipline --
Godly upbringing. Catalog of an exhibition held at Haim Chanin Fine Arts, Sept. 25-Nov. 2, 2002.
Includes essay by Margit Rowell.