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Finnigin and the star jar by Christine Berg; April Berg Read book PRC, AZW3, DJV, MOBI

Author: Christine Berg; April Berg
Publisher: [Place of publication not identified] : Tumblerock Press, 2007.
ISBNISSN: 9780980040500, 0980040507
Notes: 1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 24 x 29 cm
Responsibility: Finnigin and the star jar
A true and sweet coming-of-age account of an idealistic young Russian woman who finds herself in Shanghai, and trains at the Harvard Medical School of China with a noted surgeon in a little-known episode of Harvard Medical School's history--written in the style of an autobiography of Nicia Brooks by her daughter. Torah --
Scripture --
Gospel --
Midrash --
Charity --
Lectio divina --
Sola scriptura --
Modernity --
Epilogue --
Glossary of key terms. Obesity prevalence in the U.S. is the highest among developed countries, a situation that calls for a nationwide understanding of this complex phenomenon. Brief yet comprehensive, The Obesity Epidemic in North America offers a much-needed examination of the effects of human evolution, environmental changes, human variation, poverty, and culture. An ideal supplement in nutritional anthropology or medical anthropology classes, the book's rare biocultural perspective helps readers grasp the root causes of obesity. As Bellisari sees it, the medical and nutrition-science fields are fully engaged in developing strategies to address the obesity problem. It is institutions, such as political and economic organizations, as well as society itself, that need to become more proactive in improving obesity-related public health. This text provides a giant first step toward that end. Originally published: New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, ©2007. 1st American ed. Scripts of the KMJ radio program, The valley's legends & legacies.
Later printings have added index. Incluye índices. "Wind showcases the newest work by acclaimed Korean photographer, Jungjin Lee." "Known for her meticulous, textural photographic process, Lee brushes liquid emulsion onto the surface of handmade Korean mulberry paper. The texture of the paper and the gestural marks of the brushstroke create a unique, painterly effect, which is beautifully reproduced in this, her first major trade monograph. Wind captures the ethereal quality of its namesake in a series of landscapes dominated by windswept expanses and foreboding cloud formations - panoramas that reveal an adventurous spirit, yet resist casual entry. Man -made objects, such as a dilapidated school bus or wind- blown prayer flags, frequently appear marked by powerful, invisible elements. Metaphors for an interior state of being and the forces that shape it, Lee's landscapes are imbued with an elemental vastness, at once powerful and serene." "A preface by Vicki Goldberg offers insight into Lee's background and discusses the essential nature of the landscape, which communicates not merely its surface, but resonates within our deepest cultural and individual being. And, an essay by Eugenia Parry addresses the tension inherent in symbolizing what cannot be seen, exploring what absorbs the silent viewer and leads to worlds beyond the senses."

--Book Jacket. Joshua, who was adopted as an older child, lives in an interracial home with two mothers. This story follows his adventures in his elementary and middle school years. Samuel Harper was born in 1884 in Tanana, Alaska. His parents were Arthur Harper and Jenny Seentaáns. He married Louise Minook (1892-1968) in 1907. They had ten children. Samuel died in 1837 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Descendants and relatives lived mainly in Alaska. Middle-aged and elderly women discuss the challenges, as well as the opportunities, of refashioning their identities in conversations with NPR journalist Connie Goldman. [In this volume, the author] discusses the conception, gestation, life, and afterlife of history's most powerful book. [She] analyzes the social and political situation in which oral history turned into written scripture, how this all-pervasive scripture was collected into one work, and how it became accepted as Christianity's sacred text. She explores how "as the pragmatic scientific ethos of modernity took hold, scripture was read for the information that it imparted" and how, in the nineteenth century, historical criticism of the Bible caused greater fear than Darwinism. What is mathematics? --
Counting --
Numbers --
Deduction and abstraction --
Proofs --
Informal reasoning in mathematics --
Representation in mathematics --
Infinity --
Infinitesimals --
Predictions, presumptions, and personalities --
Esthetics and the joy of mathematics --
The usefulness of mathematics --
Foundations and the "stuff" of mathematics --
Preschool development of numerical and mathematical skills --
Mathematics in school --
Mathematical problem solving --
Final thoughts. "An interactive sign language kit"--Cover.
Folded flannel board inside back cover, with kit containing 12 col. images for mounting. "The essential guide to the world's most popular beers: 250 beers rated in brown-bag blind tastings"--Cover. Obra publicada con motivo de la exposición presentada en Sydney (Australia), Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, del 1 de mayo al 26 de julio de 2008.
Índices y biografía.
1. A fork in the road. 2. Readymade New York. 3. Matters of perspective. 4. Dropping China. 5. Under the hammer. 6. Principles of antinomy. 7. A space In-Between. 8. The one and the many. 9. Duration within time. 10. A matter of fact. 11. Being Chinese. Previous edition: 2007. Previous edition: 2002.
Includes index.
Published in association with the Economist. Includes index. The Crux Ansata, known to some as the tools of the angels and to others as ankhs, are the keys to supernatural abilities that empower the guardians to manipulate earth, air, water, and fire. For our heroes, they are also the ties that bind them to one another and grant seemingly unlimited power. North American Obesity Epidemic In A Global Context: --
Introduction --
Is obesity an epidemic? --
Measuring body fat --
Adipocytes --
Health risks of obesity --
Costs associated with obesity --
Anthropology and the obesity epidemic --
Conclusion --
Evolutionary Origins: --
Introduction --
Primate past --
Our hominin heritage --
Neolithic revolution --
Conclusion --
Biology Of Obesity: --
Introduction --
Energy regulation --
Obesity genes --
Obesity and the lifespan --
Conclusion --
Obesogenic Environment: --
Introduction --
Rise of the obesity epidemic --
Energy intake --
Feeding kids --
Poverty paradox --
Physical inactivity --
Work environment --
Physical activity and the built environment --
Conclusion --
Obesity And The American Dream: --
Introduction --
Body image --
Food and culture --
Culture change and globesity --
Capitalism, corporations, and the culture of profit --
Diet industry --
Bariatric surgery --
Consumers and the culture of accumulation --
Individualism and the culture of personal freedom --
Conclusion --
Ecology Of Obesity: --
Glossary --
References --
Index. Échelle en miles et en kilomètres.
Tableau des distances entre les principales villes.
Index des localités.
Carton : prolongement nord-ouest.
Au v° : cartons : "F[or]t Myers" ; "Space Coast" ; "Downtown Jacksonville" ; "Jacksonville" ; "Tallahassee" ; "Miami - North Palm Beach" ; "Tampa Bay area" ; "Sarasota" ; "Orlando" à 1:200 000.
Orienté Nord à gauche. Índice. Originally published: 1990.