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Holocaust by Charles Reznikoff Download ebook RTF, DJVU, FB2, DOCX

Author: Charles Reznikoff
Publisher: Boston : A black sparrow Book : D.R. Godine, 2007, cop. 1975.
ISBNISSN: 1574232088, 9781574232080
Genre: Poésie américaine
Notes: 1 vol. ([94] p.) : couv. ill, 1 portr. ; 23 cm
Responsibility: Holocaust
Edition: Print book : Poetry : Biography : English
"A traditional tale for Easter."--Cover.
Originally published: Oxford : Lion Children's, 2011. Introduction --
What is cross-addiction? --
Alcohol for cocaine --
Valium for pot --
Codeine for alcohol --
Cross-addiction and denial --
How can smoking a little pot hurt? --
If my doctor prescribed it, it must be okay --
How does cross-addiction work? --
Behavior and cross-addiction --
Sex --
Spending --
Gambling --
Exercise --
At the heart of the problem : a quest for wholeness --
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Includes index.
Cover title.
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