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Intrepid warriors : perspectives on Canadian military leaders by Bernd Horn; Gibson Library Connections, Inc Download ebook PDF, DOCX, AZW, TXT, DOC

Author: Bernd Horn; Gibson Library Connections, Inc
Publisher: Kingston, Ont. : Canadian Defence Academy Press, 2007
ISBNISSN: 9781550027112, 1550027115, 9781770702653, 1770702652
Genre: Electronic books, Biography, History
Notes: 1 online resource (269 pages : illustrations, portraits)
Responsibility: Intrepid warriors : perspectives on Canadian military leaders
Edition: eBook : Document : Biography : English

The Power of Patronage and the Value of Knowledge: The Leadership Experiences of Lieutenant Agar Adamson with Strathcona's Horse, 1899-1900 / Craig Leslie Mantle --
Portrait of a Battalion Commander: Lieutenant Colonel George Stuart Tuxford at the Second Battle of Ypres, April 1915 / Andrew B. Godefroy --
The Strain of the Bridge: The Second World War Diaries of Commander A.F.C. Layard, RN / Michael Whitby --
"A Hell of a Warrior": Sergeant Thomas George Prince / P. Whitney Lackenbauer --
When Leadership Really Mattered: Bert Hoffmeister and Morale During the Battle of Ortona, December 1943 / Douglas E. Delancy --
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Leading from the Front: Lieutenant-Colonel Cameron "Cammie" Ware, DSO / Tad Strickland --
Bradbrooke, Nicklin, and Eadie: A Tale of Command / Bernd Horn.

IntroductionUnderstanding Human Development Through the Life CourseAn Introduction to Theoretical Models for Understanding Human Life Course DevelopmentUsing Life Course Development Knowledge in Social Work Practice with Infants, Young Children and Their FamiliesUsing Life Course Development Knowledge in Social Work Practice with Older Children and Their FamiliesUsing Life Course Development Knowledge in Social Work Practice with AdolescentsUsing Life Course Development Knowledge in Social Work Practice with AdultsUsing Life Course Development Knowledge in Social Work Practice with Older AdultsConclusion Jim Doria and Paul Spencer robbed a bank and made a run for the Mexican border. They crossed it too. Had it not been for the help they got from an old Mexican they met in some desert canyon, they never would have escaped their six hard-riding pursuers. So when the old Mexican was injured, they went back up across the line. They owed him their lives. And that's when the real trouble started. Includes sound disc. First published: New York : Broadway Books, c2000. "Includes free pattern software" -- Cover.
Includes index. Fictional criticism of fictitious character in the form of an edited work. Leadership in healthcare --
Leadership imperative --
Values-based definition --
Senior leader challenge --
Personal values --
Respect in stewardship --
Ethics and integrity --
Interpersonal connection --
Servant leadership --
Desire to make a change --
Commitment --
Emotional intelligence --
Team values --
Cooperation and sharing --
Cohesiveness and collaboration --
Trust --
Conflict management --
Evaluation --
Evaluating team values --
Evaluating team effectiveness --
Self-evaluation at all career stages --
Maximixing values-based leader effectiveness. Includes index. Andrew Harvey spent 25 years journeying through the spiritual traditions of the world, looking to find a path that fulfilled his spiritual needs. This book is a practical guide to following the direct path in your soul that will lead you to the divine living within us all. With so many people seeking their own personal spirituality outside of organized religions and the teachings of gurus, this is a book that offers a personal transformation for anyone who has a good will, an open heart and a commitment to the practices of the Direct Path. "Scotland's happy family that makes every family happy"--Cover.
The work of Dudley D. Watkins. Originally published in The Sunday Post. Paul Devereaux, a former Special Ops agent for the CIA, serves as the American government's secret weapon against the war on drugs and is given free reign to destroy the cocaine industry at any cost. Originally published: London : Oxford University Press, 1948. (Oxford classical & philosophical monographs). With new material added. Provides parents with useful principles of behavior and six steps to deliberate discipline, describing what parents can do when they don't like what their child is doing. Plus nous sommes ensemble = The more we get together --
Alouette = The lark --
Frère Jacques = Are you sleeping --
Jours de la semaine = Days of the week --
Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds = Head, shoulders, knees and toes --
Pluie va-t-en = Rain medley --
Les arcs en ciel = Rainbows --
Les nombres = The numbers --
L'alphabet = The alphabet --
Marie avait un petit agneau = Mary had a little lamb --
Un éléphant = One elephant --
Ainsi font = The marionettes --
Les roues de la voiture = The wheels on the car --
Dodo gentil bébé? = Hush little baby --
Sur le pont d'Avignon = On the bridge of Avignon --
Jean et Jeanne = Jack and Jill --
Six petits canards = Six little ducks --
Y'a un rat = There's a rat --
Oh! Susanna = Oh! Susanna --
Ah! vous dirai-je Maman = Twinkle, twinkle --
Fais dodo, Colas = Go to sleep, Colas --
Bonsoir mes amis = Goodnight my friends. Introduction --
Walk fast and carry a clipboard --
Four(or maybe five) really useful principles of behavior --
Four(really, only four) important distinctions --
First the broccoli, then the ice cream --
Six simple (but not always easy) steps to deliberate discipline --
What to do when you like what they do --
What to do when you don't like what they do --
Some specific strategies for some specific problems --
The ABC's of deliberate discipline --
About the Author. Introduction: Compensation as a Driving Force for Abolition Chapter 1. Compensation: An Issue at the Heart of a Democratic Debate Chapter 2. Between Legalism and Humanism: Compensation for Eminent Domain? Chapter 3. Compensation's Economic and Social Dimension: Compensation as Aid Chapter 4. Compensation's Political Side: A Means of Ensuring Colonial Cooperation Epilogue: The Many-Faceted Issue of Compensation Bibliography Index "A substantial proportion of the material in this pamphlet was taken from [the author's] Race, class, and power published by the American Book Company, New York, 1963"--Title page verso. Oakhill Publishing: BS 043. "Subject access to children's picture books." Subject headings --
Subject guide --
Bibliographic guide --
Title index --
Illustrator index. Annuals. Castor oil plant ; Dusty miller ; Floss flower ; Licorice plant ; Signet marigold --
Perennials. Azure monkshood ; Bigroot geranium ; Black snakeroot ; Blue false indigo ; Cushion spurge ; Fringed bleeding heart ; Hybrid astilbe ; Hybrid sage ; Japanese spurge ; Lady's mantle ; Lenten rose ; Longspur barrenwort ; Peony ; Siberian bugloss ; Yarrow --
Shrubs. Bluebeard ; Boxwood ; Bush cinquefoil ; Cutleaf stephanandra ; English lavender ; Japanese spirea ; Purple beautyberry ; Russian cypress ; Thunberg bush clover ; Weigela --
Ferns. Autumn fern ; Christmas fern ; Cinnamon fern ; Japanese painted fern ; Ostrich fern --
Bulbs. Daffodil ; Lily leek ; Snowdrop ; Summer snowflake ; 'Waterlily' autumn crocus --
Herbs. Basil ; Greek oregano ; Rosemary ; Sage ; Thyme --
Grasses. Fountain grass ; Hakone grass ; Japanese sweet flag ; Morrow's sedge ; Switch grass. Includes more than 1,300 kitchen-tested recipes for traditional cooking from the South, music, photographs, and video. Allows searching by ingredients, temperatures, occasion, preparation time, level of effort. Will link to Micro kitchen companion version 3.0 or higher to merge with other recipes. Presents a musical journey through the day with Marie and her family to learn French with songs, common expressions, colors, numbers, the alphabet, and more. Title from disk label. Glam killed the monster of Shadow Vale - but he also died in the fight. Now Glam's ghost has come back. And he's worse than the monster ever was. The hero Grettir is the strongest man in the land. But is he strong enough to face the evil Glam? And how can Grettir kill a dead man.