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Publisher: New York : Enfield : Collins Design ; Publishers Group UK [distributor], 2007.
ISBNISSN: 9780977493012, 0977493016
Genre: Pictorial works
Notes: pages cm
Responsibility: New York festivals 15.
In this age when the most powerful economy in the world is in recession and global markets are in turmoil, it wise to go back to the basics and see what went wrong. Was it the innate riskiness of derivatives and other complex financial instruments? Or the instability of the housing market and loans? Or maybe it was the aggregate greed of a horde of high-powered executives? One thing is for sure: something definitely is wrong. Maybe it is how people look at money in the first place. Many believe that paper money is real, that it carries with it actual purchasing power. But in fact it is only legal tender almost a polite phrase for legal fiction and is just an invented symbol that allows the convenient exchange of goods and/or services. Using a step-by-step approach and explained in straightforward language, A Happy Pocket Full of Money discusses these fascinating insights and lets readers see how their act of observation can actually affect that which is being observed a profound view with much bearing on those who want to create wealth. If you want to be on the path towards financial independence and prosperity, then take the first step and have A Happy Pocket Full of Money. Aus d. Dän. übers. 1. Author's Preface; 2. Translator's Preface; 3. Introduction; 4. 1. The Technicalities of Telematics; 5. 2. The Social Significance of Telematics; 6. 2.1. The Significance of Technology; 7. 2.2. Technology: The Study of Human Ingenuity in the Pursuit of Chosen Goals; 8. 2.3. Society's Generation of Alternatives; 9. 2.4. The Future is very Present; 10. 2.5. Technology as Anticipation: Taking Arms against Pure Objectivity; 11. 3. The Tendential Content of Telematics; 12. 3.1. Technology or Economics?; 13. 3.2. Japan: I.T. Development Policy with Material Wealth as its Premiss; 14. 3.3. The Tendential Content of Telematics; 15. 4. The Latent Future Potential Inherent in Telematics; 16. 4.1. Technology: Salvation or Perdition?; 17. 4.2. Against Oversimplification: Towards the Structural Analysis of the Latent Future Potential Inherent in Telematics; 18. 4.3. Traditional Normative Thinking and Its Limitations; 19. 4.4. Anticipative Normative Thinking; 20. 5. Idleness Doesn't Pay!; 21. 6. Participative Grassroots Democracy at the Push of a Button?; 22. 6.1. Vertical and Horizontal Communication; 23. 6.2. Today's Democratic Dilemma; 24. 6.3. Back to the Old Laboratory: Today's Democratic Dilemma in Yesterday's Enlightenment Philosophy; 25. 6.4. Deadlock and Beyond; 26. 7. The Influence of Telematics on Modes of Perception and Morality; 27. 7.1. The Spatial and Temporal Boundaries of Enlightenment Philosophy; 28. 7.2. Practical Criticism Today: Transcending the Bounds of Space and Time in our Physical Environment; 29. 7.3. The Social Environment: From Physical Need Satisfaction Towards Need Manipulation; 30. 8. Telematics, Social Control, and the Blind Self-Deception of Unreflective Tendential Criticism; 31. 8.1. Knowledge is Power?; 32. 8.2. I.T. as Military Technology; 33. 8.3. The 'Natural' Opposition; 34. 8.4. Power Old and New: Confiscation v. Self-Castigation; 35. 9. Mediating the Qualitatively New: Some Seminal Examples of Ongoing Social Experiments in Sweden and France; 36. 9.1. Proving the Pudding: All Good Theories are Practically Useful!; 37. 9.2. The Necessity for Enthusiasm; 38. 9.3. Social Experiments with Telematics in France, Sweden and -?; 39. 10. The Only Conceivable Way Forward - Social Experiments with Telematics: Theory, Summary, Practical Guidelines, Conclusion; 40. 10.1 Some Fundamental Points in the Definition of the Theoretical Concept of Social Experiments with Telematics; 41. 10.2. Why and How Social Experiments with Telematics Can and Must Be Carried Out; 42. 10.3. Social Experiments with Telematics as Strategic Praxis in Relation to Utopian Theory; 43. 10.4. Practical Advantages of Social Experiments with Telematics; 44. 10.5. Summary of the Concept of 'Social Experiments with Telematics' and Some Concrete Guidelines; 45. 10.6. Conclusion: Advanced Technology in the Service of Mankind; 46. Notes; 47. References "Your personal guide to wealth consciousness. Experience infinite wealth, abundance, and happiness Here, Now, in the new golden age of humanity. Everything you need to be extremely wealthy and happy is inside of you, and nothing outside of you can stop you."
Includes index.