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Publisher: New York : Edinburgh : Kaplan ; Compass Academic [distributor], 2013.
ISBNISSN: 9781609781026, 1609781023
Genre: Examinations, Study guides, Examinations, questions, etc
Notes: viii, 336 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
Responsibility: GRE exam math workbook.
An unorthodox primer to the adventurous world of trail running and ultramarathons by ultrarunner Jason Robillard. The tips provided throughout the book range from practical to weird as Robillard sets out to teach others how to run ridiculously long distances through the wilderness based on his endless self-experimentation. This book goes where no other ultrarunning book dares by covering topics like testicle shaving and methods to get rid of annoying training partners. This book replicates a drunken conversation at a local pub versus the stuffy academic "how-to" tone of other similar titles. Cover; Copyright; CONTENTS; Foreword by Jon Weisman; Introduction Leading Off; 1st Inning April --June 1978; 2nd Inning July --October 1978; 3rd Inning April --September 1979; 4th Inning February --July 1980; 5th Inning August 1980; 6th Inning September--October 1980; 7th Inning February --May 1981; 8th Inning May --October 1981; 9th Inning October 1981; Afterword Extra Innings; Appendix; References; Acknowledgments. "Rape trials on Pitcairn island of early 2000. Analysis of historical relationship between the mutiny of the Bounty, and the subsequent settling by some of the mutineers on Pitcairn Island (plus a considered look at other possible causal factors) and the recently uncovered culture of sexual abuse of the island's women, which appears to be deeply entrenched in the island's quirky culture. The author was one of six journalists accredited to attend the Pitcairn Island trials of 2005 (numerous legal personnel spent approx. 6 weeks on island for the trial; normally the population of Pitcairn I, is @ 47). The run-up to the trials was tortuous; much infrastructure had to be put in place, all at the expense of the British Govt. Other trials were subsequently held in NZ. A number of convictions resulted and several Pitcairn men were jailed on the island for varying periods of time." --
Provided by publisher. "This book surveys all the Soviet/Russian aircraft that either remained “paper projects” (the work progressed no further than the design documents or even merely a design proposal) or were abandoned at the prototype construction stage. Over many years, the authors have unearthed a mass of unpublished material on these aircraft projects including the Isayev/Shevchenko bi-monoplane fighters with retractable lower wings developed in the 1930s, early Soviet jet fighter projects of the Second World War period, and the twin-boom fighters and attack aircraft developed by Semyon M. Alekseyev in the late 1940s. Wherever possible, images of the aircraft are shown, including pictures of models, and line and cutaway drawings from the project documents, giving the readers the maximum available information on Soviet aircraft projects developed over a large time scale. The book is richly illustrated with numerous photos, drawings, and diagrams, as well as color side views of the unbuilt aircraft, which will be of interest not only to the numerous Soviet/Russian aviation enthusiasts but also to scale modelers."--Publisher's description. For scores of Dodger fans, the years 1977 to 1981 mark the team's glory days, and this sports compendium chronicles the highlights and disappointments that marked those four tumultuous seasons. Told from lifelong fan Paul Haddad's perspective, the story of the Dodgers during this time period is enhanced by transcripts of radio and TV calls that are woven into the personal recollections, capturing famed Dodgers sportscaster Vin Scully at the top of his game. From Jerry Ruess's no-hitter and Rick Monday's epic homer against Montreal to the magical rookie year of Fernando Valenzuela and the 1981. 1. Abstergo --
2. Dramatis Personae --
3. Cities --
4. Exploration --
5. Pirate Life --
6. Sea Battles --
7. Underwater World. Compact discs.
Booklet: a portable pull-out bilingual dictionary with commonly used words & phrases. Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Author's note; Shame; Nightmares; Body; Habits; Perfection; Confession; Sin; Grief; Avoidance; Dependence; Risk; Harm; Brain; Behaviour; Losses; A note on permissions; Acknowledgements. Cover title.