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Author: Sandra Brown
Publisher: Grand Haven, Mich. : Brilliance Audio, 2004.
ISBNISSN: 9781593559014, 1593559011
Genre: Fiction
Notes: 5 audio discs : Un ; 7 hr.
Responsibility: Sweet Anger

Literaturverz. S. 289 - [290]
Originally publ. as: Mind the Gaffe : The Penguin Guide to Common Errors in English, by Penguin Books, London, 2001 "Read this book and you will know how to adjust your shooting and tracking methods to the realities of the situation."--Page 4 of cover. Captions to the plates in French. Narrador: Pedro Depool.
Read by Pedro Depool.
Versión abreviado.
Abridged version. When her mother, who supposedly died in childbirth, leaves her a vast fortune with a caveat regarding a crime committed years ago, Olivia Lowell turns to a handsome young lawyer for help in understanding who her mother really was. A mysterious and frightening metamorphosis has befallen Ida MacLaird - she is slowly turning into glass, from the feet up. She returns to St Hauda's Land, where she believes the glass first took hold, in the vain hope of finding the one man who might just be able to cure her ... Midas Crook is a young loner, who has lived on the islands his entire life. When he meets Ida, something about her sad, defiant spirit pierces his emotional defences. As Midas helps Ida come to terms with her affliction, they begin to fall in love. What they need most is time - and time is slipping away fast. Will they find a way to stave off the spread of the glass? Contains booklet: World's Best Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations. Previous edition: New York: Putnam, 1979.
Formerly CIP. "Wild Attraction springs from an energetically awakened couple's astonishing nonordinary connection, and from a seventeen-year quest to share their exotic new form of relationship magic with others. This unique guidebook will snap you out of the prevailing illusion of romantic love and step you into a world of intelligent, transformational intimacy that works"--Page 4 of cover. Isis Audio Books: IMP 100514.
Complete and unabridged. Previously issued in print: London: Grafton, 1988. COVER; CONTENTS; CONTEMPORARY FREUD; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; EDITORS AND CONTRIBUTORS; Introduction; PART I "The unconscious" (1915e); PART II Discussion of "The unconscious"; 1 Metapsychology and clinical practice: lessons from Freud's "The unconscious"; 2 "The unconscious" in psychoanalysis and neuropsychology; 3 Freud's "The unconscious": can this work be squared with a biological account?; 4 A Hindu reading of Freud's "The unconscious"; 5 The repressed maternal in Freud's topography of mind; 6 Complementary models of the mind in Freud's "The unconscious"? 7 The unconscious in work with psychosomatic patients8 The unconscious and perceptions of the self; 9 "In spite of my ego": problem solving and the unconscious; Epilogue; REFERENCES; INDEX. "A land apart" --
The end of slavery --
A new era --
The Fifteenth Amendment comes to Maryland --
New voices in politics --
"The more money you make, the whiter your skin will be" --
"We here demand of the Anglo Saxon equal rights" --
Judge Lynch arrives on the Eastern Shore --
Segregation and disfranchisement --
Life with Jim Crow --
Jim Crow politics --
Cambridge--a city unto itself --
In retrospect. Contains songs and hymns nos. 1151-1690.
With guitar chord symbols.
CD-ROM contains the words of the hymns and songs in .rtf format.
Includes indexes. At age 95, Emanuel, "Manny" Fried looks back over his life as a labor union supporter, struggling to improve the average worker's conditions, despite of the personal cost of being blacklisted for many years and being constantly wanted by the FBI for his "un-American" activities. Manny is an accomplished actor and playwright who has used the theater to increase awareness of the working man's condition. For most of those 95 years, he has lived in Buffalo, NY, a working man's city, but his influence has been felt nationwide. In a world on the far edge of desire, two women are drawn together by power, passion, and dark pleasures. When Kyle Kirk embarks on a daring exploration of her most secret fantasies, she finds that Dane, the stranger who guides her on the journey of self-discovery, awakens something far more dangerous than her senses. In the dark house of the night, when passions rule and the barriers of convention are stripped away, both Dane and Kyle are forced to confront the true nature of what has long lain buried within their hearts -- Publisher's description. Introduction --
Wedding planning checklist --
Budget analysis --
Ceremony --
Unique wedding ideas --
Wedding attire --
Photography --
Videography --
Stationery --
Addressing envelopes --
Reception --
Music (ceremony & reception) --
Bakery --
Flowers --
Popular wedding flowers --
Decorations --
Transportation --
Rental items --
Gifts --
Parties --
Miscellaneous --
Timelines --
Wedding traditions --
Do's and don'ts --
Wedding party responsibilities --
Who pays for what --
Wedding formations --
Things to bring. "A ruthlessly practical guide to extraordinary relationship." Translation of Yume jūya.
"A 100th anniversary celebration." If there ever was one word that could represent the essence of Freud's work, that word would be 'unconscious'. Indeed, Freud himself regarded his 1915 paper 'The Unconscious' as central to clarifying the fundamentals of his metapsychology. The paper delineates the topographic model of the mind and spells out the concepts of primary and secondary process thinking, thing and word presentations, timelessness of the unconscious, condensation and symbolism, unconscious problem solving, and the relationship between the system Ucs and repression. Examining these proposals in the light of contemporary. "Poetry/prose"--Cover.