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Author: Graham Stewart
Publisher: London : Atlantic Books, 2011.
ISBNISSN: 0857891367, 9780857891365
Genre: History, Sources
Notes: 1 online resource (xiv, 434 pages, [16] pages of color plates) : illustrations, portraits, facsimiles, genealogical table
Responsibility: Britannia : 100 documents that shaped a nation
Other titles: Britannia one hundred documents that shaped a nation
Edition: eBook : Document : English
The focal point of Chronicles of Border Warfare is the American settlement throughout the northwestern portion of colonial Virginia (an area which today encompasses parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) from the French and Indian War to the Battle of Fallen Timbers, and the ensuing clashes with the indigenous population. -- From the publisher. State repression and political order / Christian Davenport --
Bringing the courts back in : interbranch perspectives on the role of courts in American politics and policy / Jeb Barnes --
Neopluralism / Andrew S. McFarland --
Immigrant integration in Europe : empirical research / Terri E. Givens --
The liberal tradition and the politics of exclusion / Marc Stears --
Framing theory / Dennis Chong and James N. Druckman --
Political places and institutional spaces : the intersection of political science and political geography / Philip J. Ethington and Jason A. McDaniel --
Electoral laws, parties, and party system in Latin America / Scott Morgenstern and Javier Vázquez-D'Elía --
Be careful what you wish for : the rise of responsible parties in American national politics / Nicol C. Rae --
Political finance in comparative perspective / Susan E. Scarrow --
What have we learned about the causes of corruption from ten years of cross-national empirical research? / Daniel Treisman --
Divided politics : bicameralism, parties, and policy in democratic legislatures / William B. Heller --
The end of economic voting? Contingency dilemmas and the limits of democratic accountability / Christopher J. Anderson --
Public policy analysis : ideas and impacts / William T. Gormley, Jr. --
Irrational choice and mortal combat as political destiny : the essential Carl Schmitt / John P. McCormick --
How domestic is domestic politics? Globalization and elections / Mark Andreas Kayser --
Electoral laws as political consequences : explaining the origins and change of electoral institutions / Kenneth Benoit. Part I: Electrochemical Corrosion and Surfaces 1. Corrosion: the basics, Gerard Beranger and Henri Mazille. 2. Metallic surfaces, Gerard Beranger, Caroline Richard, Cecil Langlade-Bomba, Bernard Vannes. 3. Structural and chemical analysis methods of surfaces, Philippe Marcus, Vincent Maurice, Dominique Costa. 4. Corrosion: an electrochemical phenomena, Jean-Jacques Rameau. 5. Electrochemical characterization of corrosion, Michel Keddam and Jean-Pierre Millet. 6. Passivity and passive films, Francis Dabosi. Part II: Corrosion Phenomena 7. Corrosion modes and prevention, Henri Mazille, Gerard Beranger, Jean-Jacques Rameau. 8. Environment-aided cracking, Pierre Combrade, Thierry Magnin. 9. Synergy abrasion-erosion-corrosion, Roland Oltra. 10. Tribocorrosion and tests, Pierre Ponthiaux, Bernard Vannes, Francois Wenger. 11. Atmospheric corrosion, Laurent Bourdeau, Sylvain Audisio. 12. Water corrosion, Jean Ledion, Sylvain Audisio. 13. Corrosion in marine environment, Rene Sabot, Chantal Compere, Jean-Bernard Memet. 14. Electrochemical corrosion in the presence of condensed phases, Jean-Jacques Rameau, Pierre Steinmetz. 15. Biodeterioration of metallic materials or biocorrosion, Damien Feron, Chantal Compere, Isabelle Dupont, Michel Magot. Part III: Corrosion in Industry 16. Corrosion in oil and gas production, Jean-Louis Crolet. 17. Choice of materials in the chemical industry, Yves Cetre. 18. Corrosion in the phosphoric acid industry, Hassane Idrissi. 19. Corrosion in the presssurized-water nuclear power plants, Jean-Marie Gras, Guy Zacharie. 20. Motor vehicle corrosion, Alain Jussiaume. 21. Corrosion in civil engineering, Guy Tache, Andre Rahariniavo. 22. Corrosion in biomaterials, Alain Cornet, Jean-Marc Meyer. 23. Non-destructive testing, Didier Caron, Mohamed Cherfaoui, Henri Walaseek. Part IV: Anticorrosion 24. Choice of materials, Gerard Beranger, Henri Mazille. 25. Coatings and surface treatments in anticorrosion, Jean-Claude Catonne, Maarcel Saurat. 26. Protection by organic coatings and enamels, Yves Cetre. 27. Protection by paints, Jean-Claude Laout. 28. Corrosion inhibitors, Christian Fiaud, Christian Lemaitre, Nadine Pebere. 29. Cathodic protection, Marcel Roche. On trouve une critique de ce livre dans la revue Times Literary Supplement, No 4756. Catalogus van tentoonstelling in The Pace gallery, New York, 3 dec. 1993 tot 15 jan. 1994. Chapter 1. Operations analytics and benchmarking --
chapter 2. Balanced benchmarking --
chapter 3. Data evelopment analysis --
chapter 4. Performance improvement --
chapter 5. Cases --
chapter 6. Benchmarking share. Antebellum times through Reconstruction --
"The strange career of Jim Crow" --
Critical era of transformation --
The civil rights movement --
Facing the complexities of integration --
Desegregation of state higher education systems --
Moving into the twenty-first century --
New challenges --
Epilogue to America: gifts from black colleges and universities. Originally published 2002. Includes index. Includes index.
Originally published: Cincinnati, Ohio : Robert Clarke Company, 1895.
Reprinted for Clearfield Publishing Company by Genealogical Publishing Company.
Other than the author's portrait on pg. 4 of the cover, the "illustrative notes" did not survive the transfer. [1] Executive report --
[2] Technical report --
[3] Appendix. "This Study Guide is a tool to accompany What Great Principals Do Differently: 15 Things That Matter Most by Todd Whitaker"--Page vi.