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Read ebook Tokyo love : spring fever 1994 by Nan Goldin; Nobuyoshi Araki in IBOOKS, AZW, AZW3

Author: Nan Goldin; Nobuyoshi Araki
Publisher: Zurich u.a. : Scalo, 1995.
ISBNISSN: 3931141047, 9783931141042, 1881616576, 9781881616573
Genre: Bildband
Notes: 208 S. : überw. Ill
Responsibility: Tokyo love : spring fever 1994
Edition: Print book : German : 1. Scalo ed
"We live in the midst of inescapable change. Maybe this thrills you. Maybe this scares you. We can't pretend cultural change doesn't impact the church. It does. It always has. The challenge for churches is the rise of a creative, participatory, inclusive culture. The role of the church is to live as a participant in the culture. Inclusion, participation, collaboration, and beauty are essential values. Living in the Inventive Age is not optional. We can either be in on the change, or we can be left behind."--Back jacket cover. When Franklin keeps choosing what games to play without listening to suggestions from his friends, he discovers that it doesn't pay to be bossy.

Cuando Franklin se la pasa haciendo escogiendo qué juegos van a jugar sin escuchar las sugerencias de sus amigos, él descubre que no es bueno ser tan mandón. "T. Leigh Hearn, esquire, series editor." "Adaptation is everything. Inge Lohmark is well aware of that; after all, she's been teaching biology for more than thirty years. But nothing will change the fact that her school is going to be closed in four years: In this dwindling town in the eastern German countryside, there are fewer and fewer children. Inge's husband, who was a cattle inseminator before the reunification, is now breeding ostriches. Their daughter, Claudia, emigrated to the United States years ago and has no intention of having children. Everyone is resisting the course of nature that Inge teaches every day in class. When Inge finds herself experiencing intense feelings for a ninth-grade girl, her biologically determined worldview is shaken. And in increasingly outlandish ways, she tries to save what can no longer be saved"-- "New pocket guide version."
"HL00332957"--Packaging. Reprint. Originally published: 1998.
Traducción de = Translation of: Franklin is bossy. I. THE FOURTH AMENDMENT. Arrest ; Search and seizure --
II. STATEMENTS, CONFESSIONS, AND IDENTIFICATIONS. Introduction ; Statements and confessions ; Identification procedures --
III. PRETRIAL PROCEDURES. Chronology of procedures from arrest to trial ; Pretrial rights --
IV. GUARANTEES OF A FAIR TRIAL. Constitutional basis ; Impartiality : due process and sixth amendment bases ; The right to counsel ; Jury trial ; Right of confrontation ; Right to compulsory process ; Procedural rights for conviction --
V. POSTTRIAL STAGE. Defendant's rights during sentencing ; Punishment ; Appeal ; Habeas corpus --
VI. RIGHTS OF PRISONERS AND JUVENILES. Prisoners' rights ; Juveniles' rights ; Aliens' rights --
VII. DOUBLE JEOPARDY. When jeopardy attaches ; "Same offense" ; Separate sovereignties doctrine ; Retrial after jeopardy attaches ; Appeal by the prosecution ; Application of double jeopardy in sentencing ; Collateral estoppel ; "As applied" civil statutes --
VIII. MISCELLANEOUS PROCEDURAL CONSIDERATIONS. Retroactivity of new decisions ; Ex post facto crimes ; Independent state grounds ; Entrapment. Dobro --
Epiphone --
Fender --
Gibson --
Gretsch --
Guild --
Kay --
Larson Brothers --
Martin --
Mosrite --
National --
Ovation --
Rickenbacker --
Independent makers --
Appendix. Trust : four against four hundred --
Giant mole hill. Join David and his mighty men in this whimsical but reverent retelling of some of the Bible's greatest heroes. Originally published in Germany in 2011 under the title Der Hals der Giraffe by Suhrkamp Verlag. Defining our relationship --
We don't know where we're going, but we sure know where we've been --
Change isn't just something you get from a vending machine --
Tweets from space matter to your church --
Culture has nothing to do with the ballet --
You might have a balance problem --
Are you a hybrid car? --
Being the church for the inventive age --
Being the church with the inventive age --
Being the church as the inventive age --
This is not the end of the road.