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The trapeze diaries by Marie Carter Read ebook DJV, PDF, EPUB, DOC, MOBI

Author: Marie Carter
Publisher: Brooklyn, N.Y. : Hanging Loose Press, 2008.
ISBNISSN: 9781931236850, 1931236852, 9781931236843, 1931236844
Genre: Biography
Notes: 95 pages ; 22 cm
Responsibility: The trapeze diaries
Edition: Print book : Fiction : English

Breakfast --
Appetizers --
Soups, salads, and breads --
Main dishes --
Desserts --
Appendix: restaurants and inns. Ock von Fiend lives on the outskirts of town and doesn't have many friends because, well, he's a vampire who tends to want to bite people. Luckily he has his teddy, Van Munster, currently possessed, the neighbourhood werewolf, his part-monkey undead grandfather and his music to keep him busy. He is looking for a lady vampire! "Gregg Valentino once was a man of excess. Owning successful businesses, associating with celebrities, and living with every need met just wasn't enough. He demanded more. More money, more sex, more fame." "Gregg's life, which seemed picture perfect to an outsider, quickly became marred by tragedy and personal demons. Deeply and directly involved with Russian gangsters, Latino street thugs, and an eclectic mix of society's most undesirable characters, Gregg's drug-dealing empire soon came crashing down. Almost executed gangland-style, robbed of his wealth, and losing loved ones to senseless deaths, Gregg is a man who once had it all, lived through his own near destruction, and came back to become the most unlikely of celebrities." "Death, Drugs, and Muscle is the story of Gregg Valentino: infamous for his 28-inch biceps, haunted by his past, rebuilding his future. It's a true tale about one man's fall from grace - from success and wealth - into the deepest, darkest pits of hell on earth. When his friends turned their backs on him, he held to his own street ethics, took the heat, and lost it all. Now he is back on the streets of New York City, having gone from jail cell to silver screen. And because he never wavered from his own moral code, he does so with his head held high. But his memories - of all the death, the drugs, and the muscle - remain forever at the forefront of his mind."--Jacket. Contains a program of library instruction for the elementary grades and includes teacher's instructions and reproducible student worksheets for each lesson. "Originally published for Organization for Flora Neotropica by Hafner Press [1974] . Reprinted May 1986, The New York Botanical Garden"--Inside front cover.
"October 14, 1974." A collection of prayers to be used in the observance of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Essays originally presented at the joint annual meeting of the Middle West Branch of the American Oriental Society and the Midwest Region of the Society of Biblical Literature, held at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago in 1983. Includes index. Mahzor, [14] p.; illus. leader's guide by Seymour Rossel. 8 p. The origin of the Silver Surfer (The Silver Surfer #1, Aug. 1968) --
When lands the saucer (The Silver Surfer #2, Oct. 1968) --
The power and the prize (The Silver Surfer #3, Dec. 1968) --
The good, the bad, and the uncanny (The Silver Surfer #4, Feb. 1969) --
And who shall mourn for him? (The Silver Surfer #5, April 1969). English and Hebrew. The early years --
The life I almost had --
Mark Wahlberg --
Andrew Crispo --
Steroids 101 --
Meeting Julissa : a lover and a partner --
Learning to live two lives --
Unexpected hold-up --
Saved by an angel --
Carelessly stepping into the dark side --
Tears of my love --
44th and 11th --
A little help from a friend --
Police assault --
The most important thing --
Samantha --
Losing my pillar of strenght --
Complete betrayal --
The end of one life --
Julissa punks a punk --
A couple of characters in my drama --
When the world ends --
Running on empty --
Little death --
Julissa's ghost --
The end of life as I knew it --
Unlikely celebrity --
On the inside --
Eugene Barbagallo --
Beginning anew --
The Synthol myth --
Media scandals and costly misunderstandings --
A crazy little thing I called Raven --
My life today. The north Mesopotamian kingdom of Ilānṣurā / Michael C. Astour --
The old Assyrian caravan road in the Mari royal archives / B.J. Beitzel --
Les legendes de sceaux de Mari : nouvelles donnés / Dominque Charpin --
Early second millennium ceramic parallels betwen Tell Hadidi-Azu and Mari / Rudolph Dornemann --
The mubassirū messengers at Mari / Robert W. Fisher --
Mari and the Kish civilization / I.J. Gelb --
The nīšum "oath" in Mari / Paul Hoskisson --
The divine nature of the Mediterranean Sea in the foundation inscription of Yaḫdunlim / Abraham Malamat --
The 1979-1982 excavations at Mari : new perspectives and results / Jean-Claude Margueron --
The Amorite migrations / George E. Mendenhall --
Mari : the view from Ebla / Piotr Michalowski --
[LÚ] eddum as a professional title at Mari / M. Deloy Pack --
"He restoreth my soul" : a Biblical expression and its Mari counterpart / Jonathan D. Safren. Previous edition: 2000.