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Publisher: Little Falls, NJ : Radio Spirits, â„—2008.
ISBNISSN: 9781570198816, 1570198810
Genre: Detective and mystery radio programs, Radio plays
Notes: 9 audio discs (9 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Responsibility: The Whistler.
Other titles: Whistler (Radio program)
Assassin strikes --
Chinese writing --
Search begins --
Emperor's tomb --
Rebellion --
Great Wall --
Journey continues --
Martial arts --
Test --
Chinese books --
Moving on: Legacy. Vert. uit het Russisch, 3e dr., 1988. Annual.
Title on CD-ROM 2: The ARRL software library for Hams, v. 2.0.
CD (version 12.0) includes the complete and fully searchable book, all the text and illustrations, as well as PC board templates, additional software and other support files.
"The comprehensive RF engineering reference."--Jacket. "Emperor Zheng rules over a vast empire and wants to live forever. He sends his son Prince Fu Su on a search for the secret of everlasting life. As the prince travels through the land, he learns about some magic herbs, and much more ..."--Cover verso. Includes factual information about Emperor Zheng, who unified China and his famous tomb at Xi'an, Chinese writing, the Great Wall, Chinese martial arts, and ancient Chinese books. Includes index. Statement of responsibility from container.
"Sing along with Iza and friends"--Container.
Track 3 read along has page turn signals.
Accompanied by author's book of same title, c1993. Proceed with confidence --
Be an MS expert --
Put your symptoms in their place --
Make your doctor work for you --
Don't let treatment just happen --
Go off-road responsibly --
Be prepared to enjoy life --
Create health in new places --
Reform relationships on your terms --
Cooperate with your emotions --
Get "in the mix" for comfort and relief --
Make things better --
Conclusion: The bottom bottom line. Greeting from Iza --
Sing along with Iza and friends --
Read along. Cherishing others (9 min.) --
Taking away suffering (12 min.) --
Giving happiness (12 min.). "Three simple meditations that can be practised by anyone. Guided by an experienced mediator, they are designed to increase our love and compassion for others. Includes a 16-page explanatory booklet"--Cover.
"Simple meditations for everyday life, derived from the Buddhist tradition"--Cover. 1. In which my dad teaches me the Golden Rule of gambling 2. To make GBP1 million, all I need is a computer and an Internet connection 3. I am rash, but not stupid 4. I trade my entire knowledge for one cup of coffee 5. The meaning of stop-loss leverage And an offer I must refuse 6. Thirteen advantages of spread betting - but only one company for my account 7. An inauspicious start - I am accused of a criminal past 8. I prove my innocence, open my Finspreads account and win something for a rainy day 9. The Welshman invites me to write about my new life as a novice spread better 10. Mr. Big's Top Ten Tips And why you should never be kind to your mother 11. My first trades reveal if I am a chicken or a pig 12. Random trading for less than the minimum wage 13. Commonsense spread betting wins me pretty new underwear and two free tanks of petrol 14. How my next spread bet is prompted by a Japanese fighting dog 15. In which I almost make GBP900 - but it all goes horribly wrong 16. Behind the scenes in the dealing room - so near yet so far from the customer who's GBP750,000 in profit 17. Trader's block and a four-legged Dow Jones 18. Expert advice takes me in a new direction 19. What happens when I ignore expert advice? 20. Why I decide to dump my biggest winner 21. There's a market worth $1.5 trillion a day I'll have some of that! 22. A series of unfortunate events 23. Making money from the Government 24. Is this the darkest hour? 25. I give up spread betting and make a new friend 26. The Welshman's final words of encouragement help me back to winning ways 27. I have nine winning trades. Does it really matter if we don't know what's driving the market? 28. Do women make better traders than men? 29. My New Year Trading Plan And tragic news about the Google share price 30. I do well enough to start dreaming about villas in the South of France - and a yacht 31. Pride comes before a fall 32. I am commanded from beyond the grave to continue my trading education 33. I finally get the hang of spread betting And make nineteen successive winning trades 34. Pride comes before a fall (Part 11) 35. Sensible advice from a man who lost $10m - in a single day 36. My spread betting secret is out! 37. 40% profit in six months 38. In which I have my head examined 39. I find my spread betting methodology tattooed on human flesh 40. Madness in my methodology? 41. In which I turn my computer into a cash register 42. The Four Pillars of Trading Strategy 43. I attend Traders' University 44. I break the Traders University rules - and the promise of imminent wealth is dangled before me 45. In which I stop gambling and begin to trade 46. Sex, lies and Paul McCartney Blower basics --
Blower background --
How blowers work --
Vintage superchargers --
The new centrifugals --
Modern roots blowers --
Screw-type superchargers --
Building the street-supercharged engine. Previous ed. titled: A do-it-yourself guide to street supercharging.
Subtitle on cover: Roots, centrifugal & twin screw superchargers.
"SA17"--Cover. The itsy-bitsy spider encounters a fan, a mouse, a cat, and a rocking chair as she makes her way to the top of a tree to spin her web. Includes 32 page full-color book with lyrics and music.