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Author: Austin Rogers
Publisher: Aec, 2005.
ISBNISSN: 9780003042726, 0003042723
Notes: 1 videodisc
Responsibility: Undercover kids.
Edition: Video : Videodisc   Visual material : English
Originally published: 1989. The first edition, edited by John N. Moore and Harold S. Slusher, was published: Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, ©1970. v. 1 Teacher's manual --
v. 2 Student textbook --
v. 3 Student laboratory manual --
v. 4 Student laboratory manual teacher's guide. Literaturverz. S. 181 - 185 Voor trom (snare drum).
De cd's bevatten meespeelversies, de dvd bevat beginnersinstructies.
Graad 1-2. On a bright, late-winter morning in Rome, a terrible explosion rips a hole in the Israeli embassy. Moments later, four gunmen cut down the survivors as they stagger from the burning building. Art restorer Gabriel Allon, working in Venice on an altarpiece, is hastily recalled to Israel and drawn back into the heart of a secret service he had hoped to leave behind. For the repercussions of the blast have led to a disturbing revelation: a dossier that strips away Allon's secrets and lays bare his history. A dossier that fell into terrorist hands. Now Allon must track an elusive master terrorist across a landscape drenched in generations of blood. Then the trail turns in on itself until - finally - he can no longer be certain who is stalking whom. Cover title.
"This book was previously published under the title: The MLA pocket handbook"--Page i.
"Coincides with the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook."--Cover. Machine generated contents note: I Introduction --
II The Old High Gearmn Period ~750-1050: --
Hilebrandslied --
Heliand --
Das Evangelienbuch by Otfried von Weissenburg --
Ludwigslied --
III Early Middle High German Literature ~1050-1170: --
"Von des todes gehugede" by Heinrich von Melk: Melker Marienlied --
Rolandslied by Pfaffe Lamprecht --
IV The Classical Period: ~1170-1230: --
Epic Poetry: Nibelungenlied --
Iwein by Hartmann von Aue --
Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach --
Tristan by Gottfried von Strassburg --
Lyric Poetry: --
THE NATIVE TRADITION: anonymous poetry --
Der von Kürenberg --
Dietmar von Eist --
Meinloh von Sevelingen --
ROMANCE INFLUENCE: Friedrich von Hausen --
Reinmar der Alte --
Heinrich von Morungen --
Hartmann von Aue --
Walther von der Vogelweide --
Neidhart von Reuenthal --
V Later Medieval Literature ~1230-1500: --
Märiendichtung: Da Schneekind --
Herzmäre by Konrad von Würzburg --
Helmbrecht by Wernher der Gärtner --
Mystical Writers: "Granum sinapis" --
Hildegard von Bingen --
Mechthild von Magdeburg --
"Rede der Unterscheidunge" by Meister Eckhart --
"Von dem Schauen Gottes" by Meister Eckhart --
"Iusti vivent in eternum" by Meister Eckhart --
"Ascendit Jhesus" by Johannes Tauler --
Medieval Drama: Osterspiel von Muri --
Ein Vastnachtspil --
Oswald von Wolkenstein --
Der Ackermann aus Böhmen by Johannes Tepl --
Reineke Fuchs --
Bibliography of Translations --
List of Illustrations. "150 all-time favorites, includes 50 gospel tunes."--Cover.
Music includes chord symbols.
Chord charts for guitar, mandolin, and banjo: p. 151-153.
List of recorded versions given for each song. Formerly CIP
Includes index Resuscitation. Systems. Burns. Special physiology. Mechanisms of injury. Austere and major incidents. Anaesthesia and analgesia. Scoring systems. Based on Can I catch it like a cold? / Centre for Addiction and Mental Health ; story by Gretchen Kelbaugh. Children of parents who drink too much alcohol are affected in many ways. They may experience anger, fear, confusion, and guilt. This reassuring book, written by professionals, offers information in the form of a story about one family's struggle. When Dad's drinking ruins a birthday party, everyone wishes that he would just stop. If only wishing could fix the problem! Wishes and Worries is an excellent way to open a discussion between adult and child. It provides straightforward answers to common questions. Why does my parent drink? Will I drink too much, too? What can I do to help? Is it my fault? The book also includes important information for parents, teachers, and professionals. Wishes and Worries is an excellent resource for children affected by adult problems. The year is 1888. Jeannie Guthrie, a sixteen year old Scottish farmworker, is possessed of a mysteriouswild talent. Convinced that she has unintentionally killed her neer-do-well cousin George, Jeannie flees to the anonymity of London. There she is befriended by the free-spirited Alexandra David, and introduced to Madame Helena Blavatsky's famous salon. Drawn reluctantly into the world of the occult, and seemingly haunted by her cousin's vengeful ghost, Jeannie must learn to control her dangerous talent in order to survive.