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Young, restless, reformed : a journalist

Author: Collin Hansen
Publisher: Wheaton, Ill. : Crossway Books, ©2008.
ISBNISSN: 9781581349405, 1581349408
Genre: History
Notes: 160 pages ; 22 cm
Responsibility: Young, restless, reformed : a journalist's journey with the new Calvinists
Edition: Print book : English
A political activist and composer of many South African freedom songs, "Watch Out Verwoerd!" ("The Black Man is coming!"), Vuyisilli Mini was condemned to death. South Africa, known for its brutal past, possesses a hidden treasure richer than its underground gold and diamond. Chickweed: start fresh --
Daisy: be yourself --
Red clover: center and ground --
Sweet violet: inner sanctum --
Apple: forbidden fruit --
White sage: clear the way --
Self-heal: ripple outward --
Thyme: distill your self --
Dandelion: perseverance --
Burdock: tap your resources --
Rose: crack open --
Raspberry: create space --
Hawthorn: heart's home --
Plantain: rewild --
Valerian: release rigidity --
California poppy: resurrection --
Mugwort: between dreams --
Elderberry: cyclicality --
Lady's mantle: fortitude --
Starflower: find grace --
Lavender: tough love --
Comfrey: what needs mending? --
Marshmallow: a spoonful of sugar --
Yarrow: pocket of protection --
Oats: just be --
St. John's wort: light in the darkness --
Trillium: spirit into matter --
White willow: the ways of water --
Quaking aspen: we are one --
Mullein: integration --
Reishi: defying gravity --
Passionflower: exuberant quietude --
Nettle: pay attention! --
Tulsi: you are sacred --
Vervain: let magic in --
Rosemary: remember. A collection bringing together a wide-varietyof world-renowned scholars on the import of Derrida's philosophy with respectto the current environmental crisis, our ecological relationships to 'nature'and the earth, our responsibilities with respect to climate change, pollution,and nuclear destruction, and the ethics and politics at stake in responding tothese crises. Downloadable video file.
Title from title screen (viewed Feb. 26, 2008).
Originally released in 2004. Jan, Kiriko, and Celine are surprised to find a rival in Okonogi in the spring roll contest; Dan returns; and Mr. Otani introduces the Immortal Taoist Chef Gogyo as Jan's new opponent. Downloadable video file.
Title from title screen (viewed Feb. 25, 2008).
Originally released in 2004. Featuring Orson Welles, William Johnstone, and Bret Morrision each in the title role. Also starring in this collection are Agnes Moorehead, Marjorie Anderson, and Grace Matthews as The Shadow's lovely companion Margo Lane, and a supporting cast including Kenny Delmar, Alan Reed, Everett Sloane, and more! One of the 20th century's most iconic fictional characters, listen to the sinister laugh, and discover "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" Cover; Contents; List of Abbreviations; Introduction; Part I: Diagnosing the Present; 1 The Eleventh Plague: Thinking Ecologically after Derrida; 2 Thinking after the World: Deconstruction and Last Things; 3 Scale as a Force of Deconstruction; Part II: Ecologies; 4 The Posthuman Promise of the Earth; 5 Un/Limited Ecologies; 6 Ecology as Event; 7 Writing Home: Eco-Choro-Spectrography; Part III: Nuclear and Other Biodegradabilities; 8 E-Phemera: Of Deconstruction, Biodegradability, and Nuclear War 9 Troubling Time/s and Ecologies of Nothingness: Re-turning, Re-membering, and Facing the Incalculable10 Responsibility and the Non(bio)degradable; 11 Extinguishing Ability: How We Became Postextinction Persons; Part IV: Environmental Ethics; 12 An Eco-Deconstructive Account of the Emergence of Normativity in ""Nature; 13 Opening Ethics onto the Other Shore of Another Heading; 14 Wallace Stevens's Birds, or, Derrida and Ecological Poetics; 15 Earth: Love It or Leave It?; List of Contributors; Index; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W Richly filmed, each half-hour looks at the spiritual, cultural and historical background of Kevelaer, Germany and Medjugorje, Bosnia. Blood, an introduction / Clara Chandler --
A season of sleep / John Rector --
A chainsaw execution / Stephen R. George --
I am meat, I am in daycare / Cameron Pierce --
Trapped light medium / Sunil Sadanand --
Apple / Marc Paoletti --
Next stop, Babylon / John Mantooth --
Opening the eye / Michael W. Lucas --
Phaedra's baby / Matthew Fryer --
Immortal remains / Tom Pendergrass --
The garbage collectors / Ron McGillvray --
Free to good home / Lon Prater --
Bound / Alan Smale --
Alien fajitas / Boyd E. Harris --
The trauma statement / Stephen Bacon --
Charlotte's frequency / Ian Rogers --
High tide coming / Ken Goldman --
Preacher Mike and the black cross revelation / Kevin L. Donihe --
Reins in the night season / Lorne Dixon --
Filth eater / Glen Krisch --
Crushed neem / Kim Despins --
Drawn / Daniel L. Naden --
Meat-boy / Peter Hynes --
You're a good girl, Delilah / Petra Miller --
The losers vs Beelphegor / Mark Justice --
We fall on each other / Paul Walther --
H19N1 / M. Louis Dixon --
The show must live on / Matt Hults --
White balloon / Matt Samet --
The horror in the bookstore / Clinton Green. Originally publ., Toronto : Key Porter Books, 2003, under title: Clueless in the garden. Disc 1. Hounds in the hills --
The creeper --
Disc 2. The old people --
The voice of the trumpet --
Disc 3. Horror in wax --
Sabotage in the air --
Disc 4. Appointment with death --
Can the dead talk? --
Disc 5. The return of carnation Charlie --
Death is an art --
Disc 6. Carnival of death --
Death to the Shadow --
Disc 7. Blood money --
The ruby of Karvahl --
Disc 8. Terrible legend of Crownshield Castle --
Terror at Wolf's Head Knoll --
Disc 9. The man who was death --
Stake out. Book. "An Owl book." 1. Teenage depression : more common today than ever --
2. Diagnosis : figuring out if depression is the problem --
3. Which teenagers are most at risk? --
4. Suicide --
5. Depression and other teenage problems --
6. The psychological treatment of depression --
7. What kind of care? : the health professionals who treat depression, what they do, and where they work --
8. Medicine for depression : pharmacological treatments and how they work --
9. Psychiatric hospitals : what they're for and what happens inside --
10. Legal and ethical concerns. Compact disc.